2010-01-28 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Margaret “Peg” Gordon, who will be 91 on January 31; Wylan Gress on January 31; Chase Novak on February 1; Bob Miller and Anette Gress on February 2; Thomas Glenn on January 29; Ike Bivens on Janaury 30; Clarence Weimer on January 31; Maxine Bard and Skip Diegelman on February 3; and Tom Strait on January 29.

Lydiah Truax celebrated her fifth birthday January 26 with her sister, Mariah, and parents Ed and Tracey Truax and friend Katie, cousin Tessa and friend Justin Strait with a day of bowling on Saturday.

Mariah Truax is now attending Chambersburg Career and Technology Center, studying culinary arts.

Jim and Marian Sickles observed their 51st wedding anniversary on January 23.

Linda Lynch is home recuperating after spending a few days in Fulton County Medical Center recently.

Public Opinion weekly honor roll student-athletes were Chelsie Eader, Derek Younker, Southern Fulton; Tanner Henry, Kaili Hockensmith and Jesse Newman, Forbes Road, all for basketball.

Ruth and Wanda Souders and Kay McGarvey had lunch with Michele Hortona nd family on Saturday. Her daughter, Jenna, and friend Clarence were visiting Florida.

Richard and Betty Munch of Florida are visiting with Betty’s mother, Mary Culler, who is improving slowly.

St. Paul Lutheran Church hosted a meal on Sunday in the social room to welcome its new pastor and wife Lindsay Martin and Pastor Joe Hall and wife for his ministry for the past two months.

Ground Hog Day is coming up and will “Phil” see his shadow? Records from the past say a more than likely he will.

Quotable quote: “In order to be irreplacable one must always be different.”

It happened this week: Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in the U.S. to receive a medical degree, in 1849. Today nearly half of the country’s medical students are female.

Country shortcuts: If kids have been playing with puzzles or Legos on the floor, don’t waste time picking the pieces up by hand. Scoop them up with a dust pan.

Lydia Mannion of Pittsburgh visited with her grandmother, Louise Long, on Saturday.

Annabel and Dorothy Mellott and Sharon Glazier had lunch on Tuesday in Carlisle with their relatives, Pam and Alissa, daughters of their late niece and cousin Sandy.

Sympathy goes out to the families of Ralph Fraker, Tim Strait and Denny Orth.

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