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Eichelberger Announces Re-Election Campaign

Says “We must stand together and fight the odds, again.”

Introduced by his son, Johnnie (left), Sen. John Eichelberger announced his intention to seek a second term in the 30th Senatorial District. Eichelberger was joined at the podium by his wife, Charlotte, and his mother, Faye. Introduced by his son, Johnnie (left), Sen. John Eichelberger announced his intention to seek a second term in the 30th Senatorial District. Eichelberger was joined at the podium by his wife, Charlotte, and his mother, Faye. HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. – Speaking to supporters from the hall lobby of Antietam Ironworks building in McConnellsburg Monday, incumbent Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr. announced his intention to seek re-election to another term. No challenger has emerged to run against the incumbent in the May 18, 2010 primary election.

Eichelberger asked his supporters for a “contract extension” and presented a stark picture of the current situation in Harrisburg. The following is a text of the senator’s prepared remarks;

“A little under four years ago, the people of the 30th Senatorial District worked with me to do something extraordinary. Just think about it – hundreds of courageous volunteers stood up to politics as usual. They knocked on doors and stood in the cold on Election Day. People on fixed incomes sent in 5 and $10 checks to pay for radio ads. They told their friends and neighbors, and repeated to me – we’re with you, we can win this fight.”

“The story of 2006 was that if one person stood up and told the truth – others would find the strength to stand up as well. That people without a lobbyist or a special connection to Harrisburg could win against the odds and beat the establishment. It is a true story about the day a negative, well-funded campaign machine was defeated by people who rallied together behind a message of principle and conviction.”

“You see, 2006 wasn’t at all about an entrenched politician losing to a social and fiscal conservative. It wasn’t about winning on a shoestring and a prayer against towering odds.”

“The real lesson of 2006 was that the people of our area decided to change the direction of their state government. That despite all of the money and the endorsements and the polls and the predictions of the political pundits, the good men and women of the 30th Senatorial District came together to stand up and make a difference.”

“Today, I am here to ask the people of this District to let me continue their fight. I’m respectfully asking you to extend my contract for four years.”

“I’m asking for this privilege not because I brought home some pork barrel project. In fact, I tried to fight wasteful spending every step of the way, because I know that every dollar negotiated in a dark room at the state Capitol first comes from the wallets of the people of Pennsylvania.”

“I’m asking for another term not because you owe me anything – you don’t. When I served as a county commissioner and now in the Senate, I always understood that public office is a temporary, conditional trust. I’m here as a custodian – not the owner of this Senate seat.”

“When I ran four years ago, I handed out this little card at the polls. On it was written a simple, five-point commitment – my end of the bargain. Today, I can say that that I’ve kept my word, and honored these principles.”

“I’ve worked hard to serve the people in an open, transparent – and my staff will tell you – frugal way. That’s how I campaigned, that’s how I’ve served, and that is the course I’ll follow if you give me the privilege of continuing to serve you.”

“My friends, we face many challenges in the next four years and beyond. Pennsylvania is spending billions more than we take in – we’re continuing to tax entrepreneurs and job creators out of business – we’re pursuing a spending policy that has placed the Commonwealth on a dangerous precipice. Pennsylvania’s public pension systems are bleeding and the taxpayers are on the hook for a multi-billion dollar bailout. We’ve failed to reform the legal system to protect businesses and doctors, we’ve allowed onerous regulations to strangle many opportunities for growth and some in the legislature are considering new or increased taxes to perpetuate our state’s failed policies.”

“This is an important time for our Commonwealth. We face major decisions about the directions of our economy and the social issues that shape us. This is a time for courage and action. You and I can’t sit by and watch the state we love weaken and fade away.”

“We must stand together and fight against the odds yet again, this time for a Pennsylvania that is strong and prosperous, this time for a Pennsylvania that reflects our social values and this time for a Pennsylvania that holds a bright future for our children and grandchildren.”

“I have always appreciated your help, support and direction. I am asking you to stand with me in this campaign. Together, we can build a better Pennsylvania.”

“Thank you and God bless you.”

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