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County Opens Renovation Bids

Bid opening held for phase-two construction work
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

A dozen individuals representing various construction companies sat down before the Fulton County commissioners this week for a bid opening related to the second phase of the county’s ongoing renovation project.

County clerk Daniel Swain Jr. confirmed the second phase involves a variety of changes to existing county facilities, including renovation of the lower level of the Neighborhood Service Center to accommodate Domestic Relations and Probation employees; interior renovations to the Fulton County Courthouse, with an option to renovate the second-story courtroom; construction of an enclosed walkway linking the upper story of the courthouse and Sheriff’s Office; and finishing the HVAC work in conjunction with the geothermal loop currently being installed in McConnell Park. Facilities to be connected to the loop are the courthouse, Neighborhood Service Center and the Sheriff ’s Office.

Swain further noted other aspects addressed in this specific phase of the renovation project are parking, stormwater management, landscaping, sidewalks and a new front porch for the sheriff ’s office.

Bids opened on Tuesday, January 19, spanned several areas, including general contractor, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Those submitting bids for the general contractor portion of the work were Palmer Construction Co. ($1.46 million), Rockwell Construction Co. ($1.469 million), GRC General Contractor ($1.525 million), Kretina Builders Inc. ($1.576 million) and George S. Hann & Son Inc. ($1.592).

Four companies turned in bids for consideration by the county for HVAC work, including Rodney B. Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling ($507,650), Stouffer Mechanical ($569,000), Eshenauers Fuels Inc. ($795,500) and M.S. Johnston Co. ($860,000). Contractors vying for the plumbing portion of the construction phase were Carl E. Frantz Inc. ($89,790), Rodney B. Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling ($106,000), Stouffer Mechanical ($109,000) and Eshenauers Fuels Inc. ($134,124).

Bids for electrical work were recorded as follows: Fulton Electrical Services LLC ($234,975), Mid-State Mechanical & Electrical LLC ($316,348) and B&B Designed Systems Inc. ($590,453). All bids submitted were held or tabled for review by the county’s engineer and project architect.

Following a meeting with land-use planner Steve Thomas, the county signed off two drawdown requests totalling $8,250 through the Land Use Planning Technical Assistance Program Grant. The money was used to update the subdivision and land development ordinance for several municipalities as well as the McConnellsburg Borough zoning ordinance update.

The commissioners were also given an update by Thomas on the current status of the countywide stormwater planning project. According to Thomas, Wells, Bethel, Brush Creek and Thompson townships are currently on board to contribute to the work being completed.

An application for grant funding is being submitted to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to help fund a new License to Carry permit system.

Jeff Davidek of C.S. McKee Investments updated the commissioners on the status of the county’s retirement portfolio, which appreciated in value by over $286,000 during the quarter ending December 31.

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