2010-01-14 / Local & State

Dairy Producers Can Plan A Cash Flow Statement At This Hands-on Workshop

Penn State Dairy Alliance is offering a hands-on workshop in Cumberland County that will help dairy producers plan and monitor cash flow on their dairies. Titled “Plan Your Farm’s Cash Flow Statement,” the workshop will be held at the Penn State Cooperative Extension Office in Cumberland County, located in Carlisle,on January 21.

At the end of each year, producers need to evaluate and benchmark their dairy operations. After identifying strengths and weaknesses, summarizing and benchmarking cost of production and identifying production opportunities, the producer is ready to plan a cash flow for the coming year that reflects the business climate that is expected that year. The cash flow provides a guide for both the manager and his farm advisors to understand what it takes for the farm to achieve profitable income levels and to experience adequate cash flow.

This workshop will give producers the opportunity to plan a dairy cash flow for their farm for 2010. Producers will enter their own farm data into an Excel worksheet to create a cash flow statement, then will use summary information to calculate income over feed cost for their dairy.

Advance registration is required for the workshop, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The fee is $30 per person. To register, call Penn State Dairy Alliance, toll-free, at 888-373-7232 or register online with your credit card at: http://www.das.psu.edu/dairy-alliance/ education/profitability.

Dairy Alliance is a Penn State Cooperative Extension initiative.

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