2010-01-07 / Letters

Reflects On Her 93 Years

To The Editor:

Sitting in my recliner, in my retirement home today. I just turned 93.

I think the reason I have lived so long, the good Lord is waiting for me to improve. He knows what I could be. If I would.

I was born in a farmhouse in southwestern Iowa in 1917. Mom and Dad saved up nickels and dimes to pay the doctor $10 for driving seven miles to our house to deliver me.

I am sure the good Lord looked down on this new baby girl and said, “This one is sure going to cause me trouble.’’

I wonder if the Lord told the guardian angel he assigned over me, “This assignment will last over 93 years?’’

You don’t know all the Lord has done for me. You don’t know how many times His love has set me free.

He had to take over my life that I thought I could control. Because of the love He has for me, you don’t know what all He has done for me.
Beulah Cole
Three Springs

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