2009-12-31 / Local & State

Jury List

The following names were drawn by the president judge and Fulton County jury commissioners for the January session of combined court to be held in the said county on the 25th day of January 2010 at 9:00 a.m. in the forenoon of that day: Jean Apple, Warfordsburg Joe Ashman, Harrisonville Beverly Bard, Warfordsburg Norma Barnett, Waterfall Mildred Barnhart, Needmore Judy Bishop, Big Cove Tannery Daniel Bishop, Needmore Beverly Black, Waterfall Fred Black, McConnellsburg Victoria Bogetti, Harrisonville Alice Booth, Warfordsburg Joyce Briggs, McConnellsburg Danny Buterbaugh, Big Cove Tannery Bertha Byers, McConnellsburg Vito Capaccione, Needmore Cyndi Carbaugh, McConnellsburg Mack Clevenger, McConnellsburg Tammy Cline, Hustontown Linda Colby, Crystal Spring Neil Covalt, Needmore Diana Crouse, Big Cove Tannery Deborah Culler, McConnellsburg Henry Daniels, McConnellsburg Archie Decker, Harrisonville Larry Deshong, McConnellsburg Walter Deshong, Needmore Ricky Dickinson, Crystal Spring James Divelbliss III, Warfordsburg Bonnie Duffey, McConnellsburg Debra Edmonds, Needmore Eugene Elbin, Warfordsburg Ralph Ellison, Needmore. Amy Elvey, Needmore Jacob Everts, McConnellsburg Matthew Exline, Warfordsburg Mandy Exline, Mercersburg Barry Fagley, Harrisonville Jason Faith, Warfordsburg David Fant, Big Cove Tannery Jennifer Farley, Needmore Phylis Farris, Needmore Amy Feight, Hustontown Daniel Fester, Three Springs Donna Fisher, McConnellsburg Christopher Ford, Wells Tannery Mark Fost, Warfordsburg Glenda Fraker, Needmore Zane Fraker, Needmore Roger Garland, Hustontown David Getz, Warfordsburg Barry Gordon, McConnellsburg Kathlene Gracey, Waterfall Harold Gress Jr., McConnellsburg Thaddeus Haffey, Hustontown Robert Harvey, McConnellsburg Cindy Headley, McConnellsburg Kristy Hendershot, Warfordsburg Barbara Hensley, Needmore Melissa Hixon, Warfordsburg Carmella Hockenberry, Three Springs Delmar Hollenshead, Needmore Barbara Hopkins, McConnellsburg Timothy Hull, Needmore Cheri Johnson, Waterfall Nancy Johnson, McConnellsburg Jennifer Keebaugh, Warfordsburg Dolly Kendall, McConnellsburg Alice Kerlin, McConnellsburg Thomas Kermode, McConnellsburg Paula Koons, McConnellsburg Chance Kylor, McConnellsburg James Lemon, Needmore Roxann Lilley, Fort Littleton Mary Lynch, Warfordsburg Frieda Mannetti, Warfordsburg Bonnie Martz, McConnellsburg Samuel Martz, Harrisonville Myra McFadden, McConnellsburg Rebecca McFadden, Needmore Olive McKinney, Needmore Linda McLucas, McConnellsburg Chalmer Mellott, Hustontown Ferne Mellott, Hustontown Susan Mellott, Needmore Terry Mellott, McConnellsburg Sandra Orth, Fort Littleton Fred Peck, McConnellsburg Suella Pensinger, Breezewood Michael Powell, Warfordsburg Travis Ramsey, Hustontown Peggy Reed, Big Cove Tannery Melissa Remsburg, Warfordsburg Jennifer Rindt, Needmore Judy Russell, Needmore A. Jane Shaw, Needmore Linda Sheffield, McConnellsburg Cindy Shoemaker, Needmore Joseph Smith, McConnellsburg Brenda Snouffer, McConnellsburg Bryon Spade, Crystal Spring Alice Strait, McConnellsburg Daniel Strait, McConnellsburg Leo Swope, Harrisonville Thomas Taylor, Hustontown Susan Taylor, Hustontown Lee Thompson, Harrisonville Linda Traxler, McConnellsburg Calvin Tritle, McConnellsburg Julia Truax, Warfordsburg Carolyn True, Big Cove Tannery Mark Watson, Warfordsburg Roger Whitfield, Crystal spring Gary Wills, Warfordsburg Kenneth Wisner, McConnellsburg Kathorine Wood, Warfordsburg Joyce Wright, McConnellsburg Saundra Young, Warfordsburg

Prospective jurors recalled for January 25, 2010

Ginger Bowser, McConnellsburg Ronald Clark, Warfordsburg George Farrell, Hustontown Rick Gladhill, Needmore Constance Hamil, Needmore Cindy Keefer, Mercersburg Lyle Mellott, Needmore Kirby Randler, Big Cove Tannery Edward Younker, Warfordsburg

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