2009-12-31 / Letters

Well Done To Forbes Road And Other Items

To The Editor:

I want to congratulate the board, administration, faculty, students, parents and taxpayers of Forbes Road for their recent accomplishment in U.S. News and World Report as a top performing high school. This really is not a surprise to me as this has always been the case, but it is good to see it at a national level.

I also commend the hunting population of Fulton County. You know you are doing something right when PETA decides to take issue with you. I struggle in visualizing “all those children tramping through the woods armed to the teeth?” PETA like so many other organizations these days started out with probably a good agenda, but has gone so far left in their views as to be well simply ridiculous, similar to NOW, NEA, ACLU, FOE, the list goes on and on.

Finally, I noted that Fulton County taxes will not be increasing this year. I think you should all take a minute and be glad you have the commissioners you do. The decisions they had to make must have been very hard. But because they were willing to make them, your taxes will not be going up. At some point in our country we have got to stop this entitlement mentality we have. And if it is not done at the local level, how will it ever occur at the national level? In times of plenty it is easy to set up such programs without giving any thought to the long haul and that is precisely what we do. We always say, “Well we can re-evaluate and change later” – but we never do.

We just keep on adding and never cutting or deleting, hence the problems in New York, California, Massachusetts and indeed our federal government.

No one who had anything cut is going to believe the cuts were justified, and it is commendable that the commissioners are trying to figure out a way to undo the raises for themselves – where have you ever seen even that thought occur in state or national government?

Mr. Duffey’s suggestion in the recent issue has merit, but it is not clear that the commissioners are or would be allowed to make such a donation because it would still be county money given to only one entity, the library, and where would this leave the other organizations? So while it sounds good, I am not sure even that would be appropriate. It is ironic that public officials do not have an easy out when they decide to do a good thing, but they indicated they were researching how best to do it, and so I wish them well in this endeavor. You all should be thanking them – what you are seeing is what the Founding Fathers intended government should be, not what we have allowed it to become.
Dennis Mosebey
Emporia, Kan.

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