2009-12-31 / Letters

Boro Parking Meters Should Be Removed, Sold

To The Editor:

The McConnellsburg outdated and obsolete parking meters should be removed and sold at public auction as a collector’s item as they have more value and can be made into a table lamps and piggy banks for children plus much more!

The complete meter (with or without post) can still work with lamp and windup and cashbox locks, keys are available for novelty use! What a perfect Christmas, birthday, valentine or retirement gift that keeps on giving with the gift of time.

At present, they are just a downtown public nuisance and hazard with snow piled up on the sidewalks and ice all around. They also hurt the small business stores and present a nonfriendly small-town atmosphere. wind them, collect the few morsels of coins, fix them, paint them ... on and on! The ladies have to fumble with an open purse at the curb to feed the thing and try to have their prescription or tooth filled or buy something before the red flag pops up and the fear of the almighty ticket for services rendered.

Since the boro council has decided that it’s no longer in need of police protection to maintain law and order in town, then it is also completely logical that no tickets will be served by these ticking toll-takers!

A more global environmentally friendly tree placed there would do better!
Glenn Morris

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