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Homeowners Should Prepare Mailboxes For Winter Weather

PennDOT District 9 is reminding homeowners to prepare their mailboxes for the season of winter snow removal as mailboxes located on the state-rightof way are the responsibility of homeowners.

PennDOT’s mission throughout the winter is to maintain safe and passable roads. Often, keeping roads open means plowing deep snow to the edge of the roadway. Snowplow operators are instructed to maintain lower speeds when plowing in areas where mailboxes are present and try to avoid contact when possible. Occasionally, however, some damage from heavy snow occurs to mailboxes. PennDOT does not replace damaged mailboxes.

Since most mailboxes are placed within PennDOT’s legal right-of-way, it is up to homeowners to make sure that their mailbox can withstand the weight of snow being thrown from a plow.

PennDOT offers these tips to help eliminate the possibility of a mailbox being damaged this winter:

Place a six- to eight-inch piece of reflective tape or small brightly colored flags on the mailbox to help snowplow operators see it better.

If the mailbox is located within the legal right-of-way and damage was experienced in the past, homeowners may want to consider relocating the mailbox.

A cantilever support that permits a mailbox to swing out of harm’s way can also be installed. Plans for building the cantilever mailbox support can be obtained by contacting PennDOT District 9 Community Relations’ Office at 814-696-7101 or by email at tcallahan-@state.pa.us.

Taking steps to ensure the visibility and stability of mailboxes will help PennDOT and postal carriers deliver their best this winter.

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