2009-12-24 / Local & State

Fulton Democrats Carol At FCMC

Friends and members of the Fulton County Democratic Club gathered for their annual Christmas carol sing at Fulton County Medical Center last Tuesday. As they walked the halls of the facilities of the Medical Center, residents joined in the singing of familiar songs of the season. This year, members of the club brought a special Christmas present to all the taxpayers of Pennsylvania ... a check for $2.3 billion, the amount Healthcare for All Pennsylvania has determined taxpayers will save the first year after the Family and Business Healthcare Security Act, a single-payer bill now introduced into the Pennsylvania Legislature, is passed. The Act will provide full healthcare for everyone living legally in Pennsylvania while reducing the huge overhead costs associated with the present insurance-based system. Pennsylvania is the state most likely to adopt an improved healthcare system in the nation. The Pennsylvania healthcare bill is entirely separate in its concept from the healthcare reform bill now being considered in Washington.

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