2009-12-24 / Features

Holiday Timesavers For Multi-tasking Moms

Get ready, get set, go! For busy moms, the kick-off to a holiday season cues a whirlwind of activities from office parties, to school pageants, to family gift exchanges and more. There is no doubt that while these events signify fun and fond memories, they also mean a hectic schedule that often leaves a mom with next to no time for herself.

When attending holiday festivities with family and friends, it is important to look and feel your best, and there are some timesaving beauty tools busy moms can add to their arsenal to ensure they make a glittering impression this holiday season. Before stepping out on the daily holiday circuit this year, take some of these tips into account:

Pep in your step: The holidays are unfortunately as much a time for giving colds as they are for giving gifts, and nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a cough or sore throat. Keep germs at bay by stashing hand sanitizer in your purse, desk and car, and make sure to eat right and drink plenty of fluids.

Gift of gab: The easiest way to gift yourself with confidence this season is to make over your smile at home. Look for products that multi-task and last longer. Certain pastes gently polish away surface stains for a whiter smile and mouthwash keeps your breath feeling fresh up to five times longer versus brushing alone. For moms on the go, these will help keep you smiling all day long.

Prime present: The days of hurriedly reapplying your makeup in the rearview mirror are over. The “it” makeup item of the season is makeup primer which you can easily find in any department or drugstore. In addition to filling in light wrinkles and imperfections for a smooth look, it keeps facial and eye makeup in place for hours.

Keep it light: Dark nail polish colors are often associated with cooler temperatures, but require constant maintenance to correct cracks and chips. Nothing is as classically fresh or easy to maintain as a lighter shade, like a sheer pink, with a clear top-coat over it. If you want something a bit more fashion-forward, pick a pale hue in a matte finish as opposed to glossy.

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