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Responds To PETA’s Claims

To The Editor:

I feel a response is necessary to Amy Skylark Elizabeth’s letter published in the December 10 edition. She is, as her letter indicated, a senior staff writer for PETA. This means it is her job to scour the Internet and other news sources for events that she can use to craft letters to news outlets such as the one published December 10 in the “News.”

Do an Internet search on her name, and you can read some of these various writings for yourself, some which contain wording exactly like the aforementioned letter to Fulton County residents.

I also did an Internet search to see if I could locate the incident of the 12-year-old girl shooting herself and her father, and I found reference to a first-day incident where a father and daughter were injured when a rifle was dropped from a tree stand. The article did not say who dropped the rifle.

Ms. Elizabeth’s letter is a classic example of PETA’s misinformation hysterics trying to make us think the world is about to come to an end because the woods are filled with kids armed to the teeth. So as I continued to read the rest of the paper, I was amazed to see all of the nice white-tailed deer harvested (apparently safely) by the kids of Fulton County. No articles telling of the emotionally unprepared children slaughtering each other with their loaded weapons!

Ms. Elizabeth urges you to visit the PETA Web site, and I would encourage you to do so also so you can see for yourself what their agenda is. They would completely change life as we know it now. Of course, her suggestion that only nonhunters run the state fish and game agencies speaks volumes about the complete lack of reality reflected by PETA and their supporters. For a more revealing look at PETA’s hypocrisy, go to the state of Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services online animal reporting, look up PETA’s records and see that far more animals are put to death at PETA facilities in Norfolk than are adopted out.
Jim Pittman
Needmore, PA

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