2009-12-17 / Church News

In Memory

In loving memory of Kay
Seville, who became our
guardian angel December 19,
Has it been two years ago
Since we last heard your voice
Has it been two years ago
God led you home by his choice?
Has it been two years ago
Since we last held your hand?
Has it been two years ago
When you entered the golden
Our lives forever changed that day
When you parted from our touch
Wife, mother, grandmother,
Daughter, friend
A beautiful soul we love and
miss so much
Deeply loved and missed,
Russ and Cole
Shawn and Ethan
Brian, Kimberly and Cabe


In loving memory of Randy
and Ricky Strait, who passed
away December 16, 1959:
It has been 50 years
Since Jesus took our angels
We have been blessed every day
Knowing we have twin angels
Watching over our families.
Always in our hearts
Mom Ida
Dad Bob (deceased)
Brother Bob, Cindy,
Robert and Jami
Sister Shari and
Mark Washabaugh

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