2009-12-10 / Sports

Racing Roundup

By Brad Vores

Williams Grove Speedway made it official last week that it has signed to have Good-year Tires as the official track tire beginning in 2010. Williams Grove joins the Knoxville Raceway, the World of Outlaws, the All Stars and many other western PA and Ohio tracks in making the switch from Hoosier to Goodyear.

And this decision has caused a firestorm across the board with the usual whiners in the sprint car world crying louder and other teams not really caring about what tire they run.

Hoosier has been the official track tire in central PA for a few seasons and they are the ones that came in and threw money around to take over the market. Now Goodyear is doing the same thing and has been successful. But what Hoosier did was give big tire deals to a few of the “top teams” on the tour while the majority of the sprint car market paid the normal price for a tire. So whats the big deal now? Yeah, those few select teams lose some sponsorship support from Hoos-ier, but now I feel everyone will be on the same playing field when it comes to tires.

Lincoln Speedway has yet to commit to a tire but Port Royal Speedway had already committed to Hoosier. Don’t be surprised if Lincoln goes Goodyear and that Port Royal doesn’t get out of its contract with Hoosier.

With the Outlaws, All Stars and Knoxville all on Goodyear, many of the local teams run many shows during the season with both series as well as go to Knoxville, so why not make the switch to Goodyear? I guess I just don’t understand all of the crying as race tracks are considered businesses and are allowed to make money as well, right? Without the race track there would be no need for race teams? Right?

That’s it for this week as not much else is going on. So until next time, e-mail reaches me at Bvores@comcast.net.

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