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In Memory

In memory of Amy Jo Chamberlain on her 28th birthday on December 9: Your birthday


again As it always is

this time of

every year Our precious

memories of you Run through
our minds once again
Emotions running high of sadness
For not having you here
With us to share our lives with
anymore hurt in our hearts
For the pain is still there
But eases with every tear we cry
Loneliness of losing you
When we weren’t ready for you to go
And having our family chain broken
Emptiness of the loss of you
Our only daughter, Amy Jo,
So precious and fragile
And beautiful in every way
But finding comfort knowing
You are with the Lord
High in the heavens
Alone and having a happiness
beyond compare
That only His chosen ones are
Healing of our hearts
By finding contentment
In knowing we will see
You again in paradise
Knowing you are our guardian
Brings us calmness
With our souls
And a peace within our hearts.
You are in our thoughts
and hearts forever,
We miss you so very, very much,
All our love,
Mom, Dad and Ryan


In memory of Bonnie Kay Newman’s birthday on Thursday, December 10:

Could you possibly know what a difference you made through the love that you showed every day?

Knowing just when to smile or to say something kind touched lives in a beautiful way.

Could you possibly know how amazingly special you were to each life that you touched?

How treasured you were as a wonderful friend and a daughter who was loved very much.

Happy birthday from your mother who dos miss you very much.

LaRue (Waters) Davis


In loving memory of Jonathan

C. Helman, who passed away seven years ago:

May 15, 1972 - December 11, 2002 When we lose someone we love,
It seems that time stands still
What moves is a silence
A sadness
A longing for one more day
One more word
One more touch
We may not understand why
You left this Earth so soon
Or why you left
Before we could say goodbye.
But little by little,
We begin to remember
Not just that you died,
But that you lived,
And your life gave us memories
Too beautiful to forget.
We love and miss you very much.
Forever in our hearts,
Stacey and Cody

Resolution Of Respect MEMMI

WHEREAS it has been resolved by the members of the United Methodist Women of Fairview United Methodist Church that Resolution of Respect be written to the memory of Ruth H. Memmi, who passed away on November 15, 2009, and be it resolved that a copy be kept in the minutes of our society.

THEREFORE be it resolved that in the death of our sister, we have lost a helpful co-worker and a true friend and we thank almighty God for her service and companionship. Now as God has called her to the reward of the great beyond, may this blessing rest upon us as we cherish her memory and help us to emulate her virtues. Somewhere back of the sunset Where loveliness never dies, She lives in a land of glory Mid the blue and gold of the skies And we who have known and

loved her Whose passing has brought sad

tears Will cherish her memory always To brighten the passing years.
Barbara Cutchall
Dorothy Shotts
Cindy Fraker
Phyllis McClure

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