2009-12-10 / Local & State

Commissioners Conduct Routine Business Meetings

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The Fulton County commissioners received a variety of updates during the course of their meetings last week and this week, including multiple from county projects coordinator Karen Hann on ongoing Community Development Block Grant funded projects and the county renovation.

Hann touched on the status of the Bethel Township sewer extension project last Thursday and stated as a result of weather conditions, contractor TMS Excavating was in need of an extension to complete the project.

Hann also reported officials with the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Co. are interesting in having a survey completed for their coverage area to help determine if they are eligible to receive Community Development Block Grant funding. An additional CDBG project touched on by Hann was handicap accessibility upgrades at the Hustontown Joint Sewage Authority.

A change order in the amount of $986.85 was signed by Commissioner Bonnie Mellott Keefer to allow Taylor Township to participate in the Shared Municipal Services sign project. The change order brings the contract amount to $15,961.09.

Hann later met with the commissioners, Jeremy Shoemaker of Congressman Bill Shuster’s office and Lori Kuhn of USDA pertaining to available grant funding for areas related to public facilities and sewer systems. The Community Facilities Program, which was reviewed by the group, currently has an interest rate of 4.25 percent. It was noted the interest rate could change on a quarterly basis.

Commissioner Keefer was authorized to sign Farmers & Merchants Requisition and Certification No. 1 totalling $521,827.12. The money is earmarked to reimburse expenses incurred by the county prior to obtaining financing for the county renovation project.

Paul Schmidt of Tele-Plus proposed several ideas to the commissioners for possible implementation in the 911 and Services for Children offices in conjunction with the county renovation project. Tele-Plus currently serves as the county’s security vendor.

A lease agreement was penned with Lisa I. Shelly and Timothy G. and Linda K. Witter for use of the second floor of the county’s new facility located at 122 West Market Street.

Furthermore, a conference call was held with labor attorney Kathleen Bruder.

On Tuesday, the commissioners adopted the 2010 holiday calendar.

A change order was approved for plumbing in conjunction with the initial phase of the county renovation project. The change order is not to exceed $2,500. The “initial statement of contract value” was also signed by Keefer for the same project.

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