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Police: Pa. Woman Put Woman’s Nude Photo Online


PITTSBURGH (AP) – A New York woman who tends bar in northwestern Pennsylvania has been charged with using the cell phone of a male customer – whom she used to date – to post a nude photo of another woman on Facebook.

Police in Warren, Pa. on Friday charged Lindsay Head, 22, with publicly displaying obscene material. She will be mailed a summons to appear before a district judge in Warren, which is about 110 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, police said.

The Associated Press could not immediately locate a phone number or attorney for Head, who lives in Falconer, N.Y., about 25 miles north of Warren, near the New York-Pennsylvania border. Head also did not immediately return a message left at the bar where she works.

The criminal complaint said Head used a customer’s cell phone without his knowledge sometime between 11 p.m. Nov. 12 and 12:30 a.m. Nov. 13.

Head allegedly sent text messages using the man’s phone, before using information stored in the phone – including the nude photo – to post the image on the man’s Facebook page, police said.

The woman whose photo was posted used to date the phone’s owner, and sent him the picture sometime before they broke up in August, police said in the complaint.

That woman told The Associated Press on Friday that Head doesn’t like her because she started dating the owner of the phone after Head broke up with him.

The 21-year-old victim said she was “mortified’’ and “absolutely humiliated’’ when she saw the photo on her exboyfriend’s Facebook page. She estimates it was posted for less than five hours. The Associated Press generally does not identify victims of sex-related crimes.

The woman in the picture contacted police later the morning of Nov. 13. The man removed the photo from his Facebook page once he was alerted to it by friends who sent him angry messages, thinking he posted the photo, police said.

The man also posted an apology on his Facebook page, explaining that Head posted the photo, police said.

When police questioned the man, he told them he had forgotten his phone at the bar and returned to find Head using it to send text messages to another woman he knew. He denied posting the photo but said Head sent him a text message acknowledging she sent the photo. He didn’t immediately realize it showed up on Facebook, according to the complaint.

The man has not been charged by police, and did not immediately return a call for comment Friday.

When police contacted Head, she acknowledged knowing she was being questioned about “the Facebook thing’’ and that “she didn’t know police acted as parents also,’’ the complaint said. When police told her posting the photo was a crime, Head asked for an attorney and refused to answer any more questions, police said.

The charge police filed is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to five years in prison.

Online court records show Head used to live in Warren and is awaiting trial on a charge of drunken driving filed last year.

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