2009-11-26 / Letters

Praises Library Children’s Program Director

To The Editor:

For a year and a half my little girl (not quite 3 years old) has been attending story hour at the bank in Needmore. Even though it is far from our home, her granny gets her there every week because our family believes it is such a valuable time.

Ms. Linda’s activities and the dynamic group of children she inspires are primarily responsible for my daughter’s overwhelming love for reading. She pretends to read to her chickens and sheep, and to her little brother. She is engrossed in the Little House books and asks that we read to her every night and every morning. She can summarize, discuss characters, predict and make connections between stories and her own life. She has learned, through Linda’s carefullyplanned and fun-filled activities, how stories and our world relate.

During the summer reading program I watched Linda and her helpers gracefully manage groups as large as 60 or 70 people. Linda kept everyone engaged, and she differentiated activities to accommodate a huge and incredibly diverse audience. It’s no easy task to direct concurrent activities that capture the attention of everyone from teenagers to toddlers.

As a teacher I spend every day with children from a variety of backgrounds – and unfortunately not all have learned to love reading. While I can help kids improve reading skills, a true love of reading should be built from an early age. Ms. Linda naturally fosters this characteristic in her story hour children.

If you see Ms. Linda this holiday season, please take a minute to thank her for everything she does for our children. She is a gift to our community!
Mrs. Chase Newton

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