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FC Medical Center Posts 680K Profit

Net income shows $1 mil turnaround

Fulton County Medical Center held a state-of-the company meeting on Monday evening and the news was impressive for the county’s 88-bed critical access hospital and skilled nursing facility.

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Deborah Shughart reviewed the combined financial reports. She reported that aggregate outpatient services, home care, and inpatient services all experienced increases in volume for fiscal year 2009 when compared to fiscal year 2008.

According to the “State of the Company” report, the center finished the 2008-09 year with an operating and net income of $680,000. The net income represented a turnaround of more than $1 million dollars from last year’s net loss of $327,000.

The center showed operating expenses of $29.6 million with operating revenues of $30.3 million, resulting in the operating profit of $680,000.

Patient and services volumes were, for the most part, up from the previous year. The patient census for 2008-2009 was up slightly with 889 admissions, up from 850 admissions last year. The number of acute-care patient days was also up slightly, 3,027 days compared to 2,926 days in the previous year. The number of swing-bed days was also up, 1,521 from 1,355 in 2007- 08.

The number of long-term care days was up significantly due to the increase in beds at the new facility and their 100 percent utilization. There were 24,072 patient days in 2008-09 compared with 22,526 during the previous year.

Emergency room visits decreased slightly to 9,834 from 10,389 visits last year. The center had 9,193 visits to specialty clinics in 2008-09, down from 10,167 in the previous year, while both numbers of radiology and laboratory procedures were up this year over previous years, radiology up to 20,912 from 19,587 and lab procedures 123,668 up from 114,771 last year. Outpatient visits totaled 38,302, up from 34,953 in the previous year.

Home Care visits as well as Home Care patients were up over last year with 4,024 visits and 310 patients.

Medicare continued to provide the most payment for services at 42 percent, while Blue Cross/Highmark provided 26 percent, Medical Assistance about 16 percent, other insurance and direct pay about 15 percent and 1 percent was provided with financial assistance.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Jason F. Hawkins discussed the 2009 accomplishments which included bringing new physicians and services, including general surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Small, Pulmonology Associates of Hagerstown, and Emergency Department physician, Dr. Douglas Stern. New services included the addition of the new sleep lab, which opened in May, and sinuplasty procedures as well as the acquisition of C-Arm for the expansion of surgical orthopedic services.

In other facility related mat- ters, Hawkins announced that FCMC received certification of the Diabetic Education program and upgraded to 4D ultrasound in Diagnostic Services.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Hawkins gave an update of the new patient services building project, and announced new initiatives in customer service, cost containment, and information technology (IT) including Telehealth, completion of time and attendance, EDIS, and continued electronic medical record enhancements.

Reporting for the FCMC Foundation, foundation chair, Spence Perry discussed its goals and accomplishments. In just its first year of existence, the foundation has kicked off a 2.5 million dollar fundraising campaign for the PSA building at the Fulton County Medical Center, established the Jim Camp Campaign, gifted and granted over $8,000 to dozens of local organizations and formalized a volunteer program.

Perry reported that the foundation, in its upcoming second year plans to develop and finalize policies & procedures; raise the additional 1 million dollars to meet the 2.5 million dollar goal to help fund the new Patient Services Building; kick off the Zoom Zoom (LTC Van) campaign to purchase a new 12 passenger van; assist more local groups and organizations in their health and wellness initiatives; establish four endowments to sustain all current and future programs; formalize planned giving initiatives and host ìLeave a Legacyî luncheons

FCMC Board Chair, Lynn Palmer announced the re-election of FCMC board members, William C. Dovey, Jr., Tonya K. House, William L. Milroth and Lynn H. Palmer all for three-year terms. Palmer also recognized new board member Clarence ìSonnyî Weicht. Weicht had been a community member of the Building and Planning committee since February 2007. He will fill the unexpired term of Charles Burdick, which expires December 31, 2010.

In addition, Palmer announced two changes to the FCMC board bylaws: reducing the number of board members from 14 to 13, and adding a clause stating FCMC employees cannot be members of the board, unless otherwise specified according to the by-laws.

In a combined meeting, the members of the Fulton County Medical Center Foundation Board also announced their board officers including: president - Spence Perry; vice president ñ Helen Overly; and secretary/ treasurer ñ Loy Garber. Continuing their three-year terms are: Margie Taylor and Loy Garber and new Board members beginning one-year terms are Jim Ifert and Bill Hine.

Fulton County Medical Center Board of Directors include: Lynn H. Palmer, William C. Dovey Jr., Larry Palmer, Nancy Younker, Sharon Martin, M.D., Ph.D., Timothy McGarvey, William L. Milroth, M.D., Tammy Bard, James Bothell, Sandra Land, Denny Buterbaugh, Tonya K. House and Clarence ìSonnyî Weicht.

Medical Center Foundation Board of directors include: Spence Perry, Helen Overly, Loy Garber, B. Todd Alexander, D.A. Washabaugh III, Leslie Paylor, Marge Taylor, Bill Hine and Jim Ifert.

The annual state of the company meeting was held in the Koontz Family main lobby.

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