2009-11-19 / Letters

RFID Threat To Credit Cards

To The Editor:

A new wireless threat to your funds and personal information is now in effect!

The new issued common credit cards and passports contain a small radio transmitter called RFID, which are small chips that pass data to store terminals instead of the old magnetic strips!

The problem is that new cellphones with readers and persons with briefcases can pulse the card and read all about you with everything they need to do great harm and cause you great pain in the wallet.

New badges also contain chips so that the employer or airports, etc., can know exactly where you are at at all times in the workplace or in the specific area to be monitored!

You can protect your information by obtaining a “RFID” pocket shield that will block the passing of data. Another way in bulk is to obtain an old cigarette metal case and put your new cards in them.

More information is on the Net by a simple search under RFID, and obtain the protective device or learn more about the subject. In the near future, governments will consider the issue of driver’s license, medical cards and other ID cards that can be read by just passing by scanners or even in your car window stickers, which you will be told are to protect your vehicle from theft and to make paying tolls and fines much more quickly!

For now, I’m keeping my new cards in “tin foil!” Happy Holidays!
Glenn Morris

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