2009-11-19 / Front Page

Military Orders Keep JLG Working

New order calls for another 1,000 M-ATVs
By Lindsay R. Mellott STAFF WRITER

A fifth order from the Department of Defense for 1,000 armored off-road military vehicles (M-ATVs) announced last Wednesday by parent company Oshkosh Corp. will bring more work to JLG Industries.

Oshkosh said in a news release that the new order is worth $438 million and brings the total number of M-ATVs Wisconsinbased Oshkosh is building at its defense facilities and here at JLG to 6,219.

The total value of the five orders for M-ATVs is now more than $3.2 billion, the news release stated.

“The most significant way we can show support for our armed forces is high rate, quality production of these important vehciles that provide the mobility and survivability necessary for the harsh Afghanistan terrain,” said Robert G. Bohn, Oshkosh chairman and chief executive officer.

Production of the M-ATVs, which is split between JLG and Oshkosh Defense, is expected to reach 1,000 vehicles a month in December.

According to Jeff Ford, JLG spokesperson, all of the M-ATVs’ cabs are being built at JLG and half of the truck beds. When production reaches its peak, Ford said, JLG will be making 500 truck beds and 1,000 cabs each month to meet the Defense Department’s accelerated acquisition schedule. Half of the cabs made here are shipped to Oshkosh Defense where the remainder of the truck beds are being made.

Oshkosh also said last week that it had exceeded the government’s delivery demands for the fourth consecutive month. In October, Oshkosh said, 150 additional M-ATVs were built over the contractual 385.

A $300,000 federal grant announced by Gov. Ed Rendell last month will help JLG bring back 650 of its laid-off workers to build the armored vehicles. Oshkosh said in late October that 400 workers have been brought back on the job since the first order for M-ATVs was awarded to Oshkosh on June 30 and that the company was working toward the 650 figure as it speeds up production of the M-ATVs.

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