2009-11-19 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Kirby Knepper, November 17; Danielle McClain, November 18; Beulah Paylor, November 18; Mitch and Mike Ott, November 21; Mike Decker and Kirby Carbaugh, November 20; Wes Howells, November 21; Dianne Stenger, November 22; Dick Decker, Ed Gracey and Norman Crum, November 24; Martina McGarvey, November 20; and Charles Reeder, November 25.

Lee and Freda Vickroy celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on November 18.

A get-together for Thanksgiving and Ruth Souders’ 97th birthday was held on Saturday in the home of Ed and Tracey Truax and daughter of Willow Hill, with 32 family members and guests attending.

Betty Everts of Timber Ridge had double surgery on her hand and shoulder last Wednesday in Fulton County Medical Center and is at home recuperating.

Sharon Glazier, Annabelle Mellott and Dale and Esther Mellott enjoyed a birthday lunch with Sharon and Dale’s sister, Nellie, on Tuesday in Silver Spring, Md. She will be 93 on November 26.

McConnellsburg Elementary School presented its play “Snow White” last week, with a full house Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The students did a great job.

Nancy Wible Hewett of Mechanicsburg, and formerly from here, was in town last week and had a short visit with former schoolmate, Kay McGarvey.

Grace Grissinger was admitted to the long-term care unit in Fulton County Medical Center recently.

Public Opinion boys soccer all-stars from Fulton County are second team - Colby Sowers, Mc- Connellsburg; and Trent Black and Donovan Bricker, Forbes Road . Honorable mentions went to Aaron Hahn, Drew Wink, Nathan Swope, McConnellsburg; Alex Bookheimer, Dillen Burger, Tanner Henry, Forbes Road; and Dylan Whiteside, Southern Fulton.

Quotable quotes; “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

It happened this week: Ann E. Dunewoody, 55, became the first female four-star U.S. general in history in 2008 and was sworn in as commander of the Army Material Command, responsible for equipping, outfitting and arming the soldiers.

Country shortcuts: Round up little pieces of scented candles that are too small to burn and put them in a bag in your closet to keep your closet smelling great.

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