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County To Buy Market St. Property

To buy Shelly-Witter building
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

122 W. Market Street 122 W. Market Street The Fulton County commissioners authorized a sales agreement last Tuesday for the purchase of a property adjacent to the Neighborhood Service Center building in hopes the two-story office space will someday be utilized by county office workers.

On November 3, the county unanimously approved a sales agreement between the county and Lisa Shelly, Timothy Witter and Linda Witter for the purchase of 122 West Market Street.

The purchase, once finalized, will mark the third land transaction for the county dating back to November 14, 2007. Other transactions include the acquisition of the Jeffrey M. and Julie A. Shearer and adjacent John Bivens properties.

All three properties were purchased by the county in conjunction with plans to renovate existing county buildings and expand available parking. The plans include the demolition of the Bivens and Shearer buildings and leveling the area for an enlarged parking lot.

The Shelly-Witter facility currently houses the office of the local surveying firm as well as Fulton County Employment and Training. According to Bonnie Mellott Keefer, chair of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, the Shelly-Witter building will continue to house the two offices for the time being. The county will continue collecting rent from its tenants until the need arises to move county employees into the building, Keefer said.

The purchase of the Shelly- Witter property will cost the county a total of $170,000 with expenses being covered through the county’s multi-million dollar financing package. The two additional land acquisitions, which combined total $240,700, are also covered through the renovation project’s financing package, Keefer noted. In following county code, all three properties were appraised before being bought by the county.

Negotiations for the most recent purchase went on for a year before a sales agreement was reached.

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