2009-11-05 / Local & State

Albino Bear Moved To Glacier National Park

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has captured an albino black bear near the town of Olney in northwestern Montana and moved it to Glacier National Park.

Tim Manley says he was contacted

by Olney residents in mid- October who wanted the palecolored

bruin moved to where it wouldn’t be such an easy target during the five-week general hunting season.

Manley set up a culvert trap and within a couple days captured the 4-year-old male weighing about 150 pounds.

Manley says he contacted Glacier National Park biologist John Waller who gave the OK to release the albino bear in the park.

Manley says albino bears typically don’t survive long for various reasons, among them vision problems.

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