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Municipal Races Decided On In General Election

Patty Fix to continue as prothonotary

Even though Fulton County’s overall voter turnout reached 30 percent in Tuesday’s municipal general election, voter participation was certainly spotty in certain areas of this rural community.

With turnout primarily hinging on what municipal and school board seats were up for grabs in particular precincts, some candidates found themselves easily pulling away for a victory while others narrowly garnered a win by a lone vote.

Having fought a hard battle against Republican contender Lisa Skiles in the spring and a Democratic challenger on November 3, Patty Suders Fix will again find herself returning to the office of Fulton County prothonotary for yet another term of office. Fix, a Republican, secured a total of 1,981 votes, according to unofficial election results, in comparison to 909 votes cast for political newcomer and Democrat Brandon L. Fletcher.

Voters across Fulton County also had the opportunity to vote for Angela Rosenberry Krom and Shawn Meyers, who will be accepting judicial positions within the Fulton/Franklin County Court of Common Pleas thereby rounding out the number of presiding judges to five. Having previously received both the Democratic and Republican nominations in the spring, Meyers led Fulton County’s votes with 1,879. Krom followed with 1,785.

Incumbents Glenn “Pete” Ford and Doretta K. Mellott will continue serving in the capacity of jury commissioners after have received a total of 1,371 and 1,360 votes respectively.

Republican candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court Joan Orie Melvin led the voting totals here with 1,780, and Democrat Jack Panella had 759.

With voters instructed to vote for no more than four candidates, high vote recipients in Fulton County for judge of the Superior Court included Judy Olson (R) with 1,599; Paula Ott (R), 1,533; Sallie Mundy (R), 1,420; and Temp Smith (R), 1,330. Democratic challengers finished as follows: Kevin Francis McCarthy, 624; Anne E. Lazarus, 596; Robert J. Colville, 574; and Teresa Sarmina, 544.

With registered Republicans outnumbering Democrats in Fulton County, Republican candidates for judge of the Commonwealth Court also received a favorable response locally. Patricia A. McCullough had 1,602 votes, and fellow Republican Kevin Brobson followed with 1,513. Linda S. Judson (D) garnered 684 votes, and Barbara Behrend Ernsberger rounded out the votes here with 587.

Having both the Democratic and Republican nominations, an unopposed Magisterial District Judge Wendy Mellott was reelected on November 3 after having received a total 808 votes.

On the school board front, only the Forbes Road School Board had a significant race with five candidates vying for a total of four seats. Two newcomers will be joining the board along with two incumbents again taking office. Tentative results show incumbent Kirby Shoemaker (R) receiving the largest amount of votes cast in Dublin, Taylor and Wells townships with 438. Local business owner Stacie Lynn Keller (D/R) followed with 391 votes, while fellow newcomer Chanin Rotz-Mountz (D/R) had 365 votes. Incumbent Deonna Carmack (D/R) cinched the final seat with 361 votes, and Rheon Gelvin (D) rounded out the day with 351 votes.

Results in the Central Fulton School District show Eric Hollinshead was the lead vote recipient with 820, and Dr. Brent Carlson followed closely with 816. Hollie L. Garlock posted 799 votes, and Ryan B. Richards secured 782 votes. All four candidates had been previously nominated by both parties and will take office in December for a four-year term of office. Dr. Brent Carlson was the lone incumbent in this election.

Meanwhile, Christian R. Hann (D/R) secured a two-year term of office on Central Fulton’s School Board after having received 973 votes.

At Southern Fulton, son of current and longtime board member Richard Mosemann, Mark Mosemann is slated to take office next month after having mounted a successful campaign. Mosemann topped all candidates with 683 votes, and will be joined by former board member L. Allen Morton (676 votes). Incumbent Patrick L. Bard will also be returning to his post with 662 votes, and newcomer Timothy L. Hull grabbed the fourth and final seat with 572 votes.

Several supervisor races gaining attention in 2009 included those in Ayr, Brush Creek, Licking Creek, Wells and Union townships. Perhaps the most notable and undoubtedly the closest race occurred on November 3 between incumbent John Swindell Sr. and Eugene A. Keebaugh (R) in Licking Creek. Unofficial results show Swindell (D) taking all by a mere one vote with 159 votes in comparison to Keebaugh’s 158.

Incumbent Gary “Punch” Hopkins in Ayr Township will resume his supervisor duties after defeating Republican challenger Jim Smith 301 to 122.

R. Victor Wilson retained his seat as Union Township supervisor. The Democrat took 87 votes, while Republican challenger Adriel Fletcher Jr. received 64 votes.

Fellow incumbent Delmas F. Bard (R) won re-election in Brush Creek Township as well Tuesday securing 114 votes. Democrat Eugene Hart took 63 votes in the supervisor’s race.

Newcomer and son of a former township supervisor, Jason Bricker (R) unseated incumbent Arnold R. Hann (D) for a seat on the Wells Township Board of Supervisors. Bricker tallied 99 votes to Hann’s 48.

Additional votes cast during the November 3 election have been recorded as follows:
Ayr Twp. Tax Collector
Julie A. Shearer (D/R) - 392
Ayr Twp. Auditor
Kimberly D. Seiders (R) - 353
Ayr Twp. Judge of Elections
Pamela K. Glenn (R) - 378
Ayr Twp. Inspector of Elections
Dora I. Lynch (D) - 347
Belfast Twp. Supervisor (6 yr)
Richard Harr (D/R) - 269
Belfast Twp. Supervisor (2 yr)
Thomas K. Morton (R) - 235
Belfast Twp. Tax Collector
Gloria Jean Morton (D/R) - 283
Belfast Twp. Judge of Elections
Carol F. Richards (D) - 218

Belfast Twp. Inspector of Elections

Mary Hann (D) - 198
Bethel Township Supervisor
Ray Powell (D) - 129
Bethel Twp. Tax Collector
Debra Palmer (D) - 138
Bethel Twp. Auditor (6 yr)
Terri A. Staley (D) - 94
Bethel Twp. Auditor (2 yr)
Ruthann Golden (R) - 141
Brush Creek Twp. Tax Collector
Michael L. Fischer (D) - 59
M. Wildena Truax (R) - 114
Brush Creek Twp. Auditor (6 yr)
Audrey A. Fischer (D) - 125
Brush Creek Twp. Auditor (2 yr)
Diane E. Whiteside (D) - 133
Brush Creek Twp. Judge of Elections

Maxine P. Barton (R) - 145
Brush Creek Twp. Inspector of
Carol D. Smith (D) - 30
Janet C. Spade (R) - 116
Dublin Twp. Supervisor
Jeffrey Croft (R) - 176
Dublin Twp. Tax Collector
Tawnie House (R) - 224
Dublin Twp. Judge of Elections
Cindy Knepper (D) - 181
Dublin Twp. Inspector of Elections
Gloria Drenning (D) - 74
Frances J. Hoover (R) - 178
Licking Creek Twp. Tax Collector
Becky Mellott Peck (D/R) - 303
Licking Creek Twp. Auditor
Betty E. Swope (D) - 246
Licking Creek Twp. Judge of Elections

Sandra Lynch (D) - 236
Licking Creek Twp. Inspector of
Alice L. Mellott Gordon (D) - 101
Betty L. Ramsey (R) - 220
McConnellsburg Boro Mayor
Michael L. Chilcote Sr. (R) - 110
McConnellsburg Boro Council
Patrick S. Booth (R) - 133
James H. Smith (R) - 117
Patsy Frazier (D) - 84
Lee J. Rager Sr. (D) - 50
McConnellsburg Boro Tax Collector

S. Heidi Newman Snyder (D) -
McConnellsburg Boro Auditor
Bonnie R. Duffey (R) - 164
McConnellsburg Boro Judge of
Wilda Charlene Gordon (D) - 137

Taylor Twp. Supervisor
Murray Romig (D/R) - 153
Taylor Twp. Tax Collector
Judith K. Appleby (D/R) - 250
Taylor Twp. Auditor
H. Clyde Brant (R) - 225
Taylor Twp. Judge of Elections
Betty J. Berkstresser (D) - 233
Taylor Twp. Inspector of Elections
Kathryn Berkstresser (D) - 90
Dorothy Shotts (R) - 174
Thompson Twp. Supervisor
Robert Swadley (D/R) - 171
Thompson Twp. Tax Collector
Dianna Kincaid (R) - 170
Thompson Twp. Auditor (6 yr)
Brenda K. Morgan (R) - 159
Thompson Twp. Auditor (4 yr)
Kelly Morgan (R) - 155
Thompson Twp. Judge of Elections

Madelin C. Booth (D) - 108
Thompson Twp. Inspector of Elections

Nancy Younker (D) - 82
Dorothy Hixon (R) - 102
Todd Twp. Supervisor
Stanley E. Mellott (D/R) - 254
Todd Twp. Tax Collector
Janet A. Mellott (D/R) - 260
Todd Twp. Auditor (6 yr)
Tom H. DeShong (R) - 234
Todd Twp. Auditor (2 yr)
Kim R. Christian (D) - 187
Todd Twp. Constable
Harper Cline (R) - 236
Todd Twp. Judge of Elections
Debra K. Dick (D) - 178
Todd Twp. Inspector of Elections
Delores Peck (D) - 98
Peg Kerlin (R) - 168
Union Twp. Tax Collector
Terra Strait (R) - 120
Wells Twp. Inspector of Elections
Margaret Barton (D) - 40
Ruth Hale (R) - 103
Retain Kate Ford Elliott?
Yes - 1,512
No - 520
Retain Dan Pellegrini?
Yes - 1,362
No - 628
Retain Carol L. Van Horn?
Yes - 1,899
No - 369

Official results, including write-in votes, could likely be available later this week after the Fulton County Board of Elections convenes to perform a final tabulation.

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