2009-10-29 / Local & State

Fulton Residents Attend Healthcare Rally


Joining more than 1,200 healthcare activists from all over Pennsylvania, 20 Fulton County residents participated in a major rally and lobbying effort for single-payer healthcare inside the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg October 20. Some drove directly to Harrisburg, while others waited in Breezewood with their rally signs for a bus that would take them to the event.

The rally was sponsored by Healthcare4allPA.org, a volunteer organization that promotes the 1-Payer Family and Business Healthcare Act of 2009. Dozens of labor, church, civic, nurses, doctors and other organizations cosponsored the event. Two days prior to the rally, an organizational meeting in Mc- Connellsburg between the national leadership of Progressive Democrats of America, state leadership of Healthcare4allPA. org and members of the Fulton Democratic Club built support for the Harrisburg gathering.

The two-hour rally featured speakers from dozens of cosponsoring organizations representing church, labor, women’s, nurses, doctors and dozens of other coordinating groups. Their speeches were punctuated by the crowd inside the capitol dome chanting “single payer now” and “everybody in ... nobody out.” A lobbying session with elected representatives was scheduled to follow the rally.

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