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County Envisions Landscape Plans
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The Fulton County commissioners have agreed a newly revised set of landscaping plans unveiled Tuesday for McConnell Park and the area surrounding the county’s campus is “more in line” with their vision.

In meeting with architect Brian Haines from Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates, the commissioners learned the new and improved landscape design underwent several rounds of “tweaking” before being put on display on October 20. The new ideas add a lot of interest to the park, according to Haines, who added he was happy with the overall evolution of plans prepared by CEDG Engineers.

In discussing the changes, Haines stated the goal was to create interest with crossing points and curving walkways while adding hidden picnic areas and sitting areas with existing benches. A larger paved area for picnic areas was also included in the plans, which could also be utilized for dance areas during musical events.

Haines indicated CEDG Engineers is in the process of preparing a cost estimate from the current budget. Even though he did not feel the commissioners need to worry about the bottom line of the budget overall, Haines did suggest having alternates built into the landscaping designs. Areas that could be eliminated from or added to the plan depending on finances are floodlights on the street side of the Fulton County Courthouse, picnic tables, fencing along North Second Street and sidewalk pavers.

“You’re not over the top on landscape design,” concluded Haines.

In other matters addressed this week the commissioners attended a Farmland Preservation Board meeting at the Fulton County Conservation Dis- trict Office.

The commissioners also participated in an educational session with Bill Siegel and Bill Lowthert, Community Development Block Grant representatives, and county projects coordinator Karen Hann. The group heard an overview of the CDBG program, regulations and requirements.

An agreement with the Fulton County Catholic Mission was signed for the organization to administer the 2009-10 emergency shelter program. The Mission is slated to receive a total of $17,912 in state funding to implement the program locally.

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