2009-10-29 / Letters

Woman Speaks Out About County Sex Crimes

To The Editor:

I am so saddened by what has become of Fulton County. What seems to be a rule of thumb when I open my edition of The Fulton County News is to see sexual assault(s) throughout the paper. I realize this crime has always been present. I am not sure if women are getting braver or if the sex crimes are escalating in Fulton County. I am also disappointed that I am the first to speak out against this terrible act in Fulton County. Sex crimes are not to be taken lightly, and victims should not feel ashamed or guilty.

I remember the Abbott case and the Barnhart case and the plethora of other sexual assault cases. But the latest sexual assaults allegedly committed by Lynn Bard are the most angering and heart wrenching for me to read. There is no punishment heinous enough for it to match the lifetime sentence of trauma that has been given to this precious child of God’s. My fear is that it will get a slap on the wrist like the other predators.

The Bible tells us that children have a special place in God’s heart and anyone who harms a child is inviting God’s wrath upon Him. Shame, shame, shame on the adults who let this “thing” get away with what it did for all of these years. Every adult involved in this case from 12 years ago should be charged with obstruction of justice. How many other little girls’ innocence may have been violated? I do not understand why there was a second time for her underwear to be found on backwards. Once was already too many times. Thank goodness she had the nerve to seek out an adult who would help her.

Deferring prosecution until a later date is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of! Don’t you think that the child’s age and emotional status have already endured the worst that life could deal her? At what age did the former district attorney think would be old enough for her to testify? She’s already in her midteens. I can appreciate that her young age was taken into consideration in respect to the prosecution. However, due to her young age and the evidence that was available, a trial could have been held without her testifying.

I wish all of you reading this will pray that she will use this nightmare to better herself and to help others. I surely hope she gets the years of excellent therapy that are due to her.

Crystal Berkstresser Peffer

Rural Valley, Pa.

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