2009-10-29 / Letters

Kindly Canines Say Thank You

To The Editor:

Kindly Canines would like to thank the many people who participated in our project.

Many thanks to the Walmart stores in Chambersburg and Shippensburg for letting us set up our collection sites and to reach their very special animalloving customers. We also appreciate the publicity we received and would like to thank Harley’s mom Lois Thayer for coordinating the event and everyone who helped us help Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter.

As a result of everyone’s generosity, Kindly Canines was able to deliver lots of wish-list items purchased by patrons from each location. While we don’t know the total value or weight, we can tell you that many Walmart shopping carts were filled at each location and it took several vehicles to deliver the items to the shelter.

Shippensburg and Chambersburg collection teams were able to also deliver in excess of $750 to the shelter.

Everyone who participated can be proud that they “made a difference” to the animals at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter.

The animals thank you!

Marti Heater Kindly Canines, Scotland, Pa.

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