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Prothonotary’s Seat Up For Grabs

General municipal election this Tuesday
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Patty Fix Patty Fix Having logged 16 years performing the duties of prothonotary, register of wills, recorder of deeds, clerk of courts and orphans’ court, incumbent Patty Suders Fix is seeing the days dwindle down until Tuesday’s general municipal election when she will square off against challenger Brandon L. Fletcher.

Listed first on the ballot due to a Democrat holding the office of governor of Pennsylvania, Fletcher, a fellow Democrat, has certainly been visible to the public in 2009, visiting pancake dinners and ice cream socials, participating in parades and festivals, and offering residents a change or option in local, county government.

The decision to run for office was not made lightly for 31-yearold Harrisonville man, who said much careful thought and deliberation with friends, family and community members went into the act. “I realized up front this was something that would take a huge personal investment as far as time involved and commitment. However, knowing that I spent a considerable amount of time studying and working in a court setting, I was and still am confident that my credentials qualify me for this position,” stated Fletcher, a 2000 Shippensburg University honors graduate with a B.S. in criminal justice.

Brandon Fletcher Brandon Fletcher Following up on obtaining his degree, Fletcher logged five years with the Franklin County Juvenile Probation Department before joining JLG Industries in 2005 as a customer support professional. Fletcher stated if elected he brings to the office a keen ability to solve problems in adverse situations as well as dealing with multiple situations or concerns in a timely and professional manner.

While he isn’t currently aware of any changes that need to be made to the office of prothonotary, he noted he would certainly be willing to take time to evaluate how the office functions on a daily basis and identify what functions or processes could use improvement.

“While campaigning throughout Fulton County over the last seven months, I have learned about one important thing the people of Fulton County are asking for. Time and time again, I have heard people say things like ‘don’t disappear after the election.’ The recurring theme is to have a prothonotary or any other local elected official be visible and accessible all the time, not just at election time,” he said.

Faced with the many facets and duties that comprise the office of prothonotary, Fletcher indicated what services may take priority one day may not be the most important activity tomorrow. Flexible and able to adapt to situations, he added, no matter the task, the importance should fall back on efficiency, accuracy and professionalism.

“My entire campaign has been focused on making positive change, and I feel that I can provide that for the people of Fulton County,” Fletcher said. “ ... You will get an ultimate team player. I believe in leading by example and going the extra mile to get things done. If that means going to work early and staying late then I have always been willing to do that .... ”

“People throughout Fulton County have talked to me over the past seven months about their desire for change in areas of our local government. However, the intriguing question for some remains why would we risk change? I have said this repeatedly while campaigning, when change is well thought out it may not be a risk at all ... I believe without change you find yourself standing still some times. The risk with standing still is that you get left behind. I think it is important to continue to make progress and move forward,” he concluded.

Fix, number two on the November 3 ballot in the prothonotary’s race, is seeking her fifth four-year term of office. As of presstime Tuesday, Fix of Mc- Connellsburg was unavailable to comment on the upcoming race against Fletcher. She did, however, offer words to voters Friday evening at the fall Republican banquet. (See this week’s Fulton County News for story.)

For the full listing of county, township and judicial races, please refer to the general municipal election proclamation found on page B8 of this week’s edition of The Fulton County News.

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