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CFSB Fixes Salar ies

Board tends to array of financial issues
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Two months into the 2009-10 school year, authorization was granted by the Central Fulton School Board last week for salary increases for the district’s entire staff, including top administrators and those individuals with middle management positions.

Employee salaries were accordingly set for the current school year during the 8-0 unanimous roll-call vote, which included contractual increases for both instructors and the superintendent. Dr. Brent Carlson was unable to attend the October 13 meeting.

In addition, the approved motion also provides support staff with a 50-cent-per-hour increase, while a 4.27 percent increase was authorized for administration, middle management, athletic director and athletic trainer. The 4.27 percent increase brings salaries to the following levels: Superintendent Dr. Julia Cigola, $118,000; Director of Education Dwayne Northcraft, $88,655; high/middle school Principal Todd Beatty, $80,675; elementary Principal Alicia Mellott, $76,834; and special education Director Ginger Thompson, $67,776.

The salary of business manager Jolinda Wilson rose to $79,523; transportation director Angela Marshall, $38,053; building and grounds supervisor Brent Seville, $41,315; athletic director Greg Hays, $9,722; athletic trainer Deb Welsh, $3,428; Title 1 Coordinator Lori Mellott, $2,500; and elementary Dean of Students Billie Beatty, $7,500.

Furthermore, an overall $60 increase was authorized for board secretary Kim Richards.

In other financial matters, a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Education was entered into the board’s meeting minutes as a matter of record. The letter acknowledgeís the receipt of the distric’s single audit report ending June 30, 2008. The report, which was approved by PDE, shows the district is “substantially in compliance” with the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133 and various federal and commonwealth policies.

The board accepted a sizeable “monetary gift” in the amount of $10,000 from Superintendent Cigola, who will be stepping down from her position at the conclusion of the 2009-10 school year.

The following individuals were approved for placement on the 2009-10 extracurricular activity salary scale:

• Brent Seville, elementary intramural girls basketball director, $681.67

• Robert Paruch, elementary intramural boys basketball director, $615

• Kathy Kendall, elementary intramural girls volleyball director, $906.67

• Greg Strine, choral director, $2,920

• Larry Stepler, band director, $2,920

• Denny Swope, first assistant boys basketball coach, $2,045

• Kathy Kendall, second assistant boys basketball coach, $2,670

• Arthur Jefferson, third assistant boys basketball coach, $1,845

• Timothy Fowler, varsity baseball coach, $2,945

• Josh Strait, varsity boys track coach, $3,470

• Todd Grissinger, first assistant boys track coach, $2,620

• Joni Dunkle, varsity girls track coach, $2,745

• Kathy Kendall, first assistant girls track coach, $2,620

• Jessica Fish, second assistant girls and boys track coach, $1,845.

In following the discussion held during the board’s full work session in December of 2008, approval was given to initiate a junior high girls softball team in the spring of 2010. In addition, as was previously agreed upon, the board announced the junior high coaching position will be in a volunteer capacity.

The board entered into a 60- month lease agreement with Susquehanna Commercial Finance Inc. for the purchase of telephone equipment. Annual payments for the services are $15,955.67 and include a $1 buyout at the end of the term.

A total of $2 million will be transferred from the district’s unreserved, undesignated fund balance into the unreserved, designated fund balance retroactive to June 30. In accordance with Act 48, the board’s unanimous action ensures that the unreserved, undesignated fund balance remains within the 11 percent limit of total budgeted in expenditures. The board and administration noted the unreserved, designated fund balance is utilized for future payments of bond principal and interest as well as future payments of employee health benefits.


The board met with elementary life skills instructor Heather Walker, who was interviewed by members of the administration but did not have the opportunity to meet with the Personnel Committee or board prior to her hiring.

The following individuals were added to the professional substitute list: Jennifer Arnoth, Warfordsburg; Deborah Barrow, Lewistown; Holly Falkosky, Mc- Connellsburg; Winter Decker, McConnellsburg; Kenneth Welsh, McConnellsburg; Austin Curfman, Todd; and James Harvey, also of McConnellsburg. All seven individuals have completed an emergency certification process through Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11. The addition of Barrow was approved pending the receipt of clearances.

The board was informed elementary librarian Pamela Ott was set to be recognized at Shippensburg University for her achievement as Central Fulton’s 2009-10 Outstanding Teacher Award. Ott was honored at a luncheon on October 14.


High school teacher Christian McClure was accompanied by members of the Class of 2010 to discuss their tentative plans for an overnight senior trip. According to students Casey Pollock, Samantha McQuade and Brenna Deshong, their class is set to leave for Orlando, Fla., on March 12 and return on March 19.

A list of proposed field trips for elementary, middle and high school students was approved as presented for the 2009-10 school year. Principal Alicia Mellott and Director of Education Dwayne Northcraft were available to field questions from the board on the list of trips.


Based on average fuel prices as of July 1, the board set a fuel adjustment based on 5 cents per mile in the event fuel prices rise more than 25 cents of the set base prices. Prices obtained by the administration on July 1 included gasoline, $2.651; diesel, $2.764; and off-road fuel, $2.349. Prices were checked at Mc- Connellsburg Citgo, McConnellsburg Sheetz, E.C. Barnes, Parks Texaco and Cutchall’s BP.

The board further agreed an additional adjustment of 5 cents per mile will be implemented if fuel prices increase more than 50 cents of the set base prices. The maximum adjustment for the 2009-10 school year, it concluded, cannot exceed 10 cents per mile.

The daily rate of K-4 route #30 contracted to Doris Sheeder was decreased from $72.93 to $67.38 retroactive to September 23 to reflect the loss of one student requiring transportation.

Meanwhile, a daily rate increase was approved for bus route #006 belonging to Joycelene Strait. The rate rose from $123.90 to $129.62 per day retroactive to August 26.

The daily rate for Sandy Deck Transportation #019 was dropped from $130.46 to $119.53 for the Monday/Wednesday route. A student moved, causing the decrease in mileage retroactive to September 9.

With an additional student requiring transportation to the Meadows, the daily rate on Lynn Reeder’s #033 Chambersburg route was raised from $135.63 to $144.22. The increase was made effective retroactive to October 2.

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