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Cards Of Thanks


This article is an attempt to express my appreciation to the doctors and nurses (especially the nurses) for the excellent care I received while being a patient at Fulton County Medical Center from October 7, 2009, through October 9, 2009.

Due to being extremely tired and having flu-like symptoms, I visited my family physician, Dr. Brady, on Wednesday, the 7th. After a short consultation, she sent me to Fulton County Medical Center for additional tests. Upon arrival, I was met by the emergency room physician, Rick. After taking blood samples and X-rays, it was determined I had low potassium, low sodium, blood in my urine, a touch of pneumonia and some other things I don’t remember. The decision was made to keep me as a patient until things were under control.

During my stay, Dr. Martin was the attending physical who looked in on me each day. She did an excellent job quizzing me to get information of my medical history and monitoring my progress.

I would like to give special thanks to nurses Lesa Thompson, Angel Souders, Linda Crocker, Stephanie Swope, Jen Komir, Lacie Washabaugh, Angie Tritle, Cathy Saylor, Kendra Fink and Patti Hess. These girls were part of the nursing team who looked after me and an elderly gentleman who was in the same room with me. These girls are something else. It seemed they were constantly on the run their entire shift, and I never heard any of them complain about anything. I had an IV hooked to me for the three days I was there, and it seemed I had the uncanny ability to do something quite often that would make it stop. A warning buzzer would then sound and within a few seconds, one of the girls would be there and get it back in operation. I know I would sometimes be irritable, but the girls always seemed to know exactly what to do or say to brighten me up. All I can say is thanks again, girls.

Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone or misspelled any of your names. The Fulton County Medical Center can be and should be proud to have all of you on board. Keep up the good work, girls, and be proud to be known as nurses.
Thanks again,
Stan Sheffield


I wish to thank the emergency room doctor and nurses for the care I received when I was taken there from church on Sunday, October 11. Also to the staff, nurses, doctors, student nurses and anyone who made my stay in the hospital so comfortable.

A special thank you to Dr. Martin and Barb and Jen for going the extra mile. What a blessing to have such a facility so close to home where everyone knows veryone else.

Thank you and God bless each of you.

Althea Stains

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