2009-10-08 / Letters

Plenty Of Natural Gas Waiting To Be Used

To The Editor:

In a national effort to control “greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions,” we here in Fulton County just a “stones-throw” away have a “gift” of a very ample supply of natural gas “just waiting” to be used!

With the streets being torn up now with the water project,we have the right time to install the quick, high-pressure natural gas pipeline from Rt. 522 to the boro and to allow meaningful use and conversion from oil/coal/wood etc., to clean-burning energy, which will allow other stores, homes, offices, restaurants, factories to obtain this new fuel and to reduce costs and expand instead of being held in the tongs of foreign oil and soon-to-explode new electric heating and cooking rates, which will cripple those who try to operate and maintain the employment base downtown!

The elected officials should now research the state and federal grants and apply with “full force” their expertise who have offices in the boro and have the lines put in which will also allow new jobs with the conversion and new installations of new equipment to heat, cool, cook and move Fulton County into the “comfort zone” instead of the “heart attack zone” for owners of the business and taxpayers who depend on their workplace to make a living and to pay their bills!

There will be more then enough demand to justify this approach and to allow the expansion of jobs and to save the ones that are held now!

Contact now all your elected state representatives and county officials, along with elected boro managers, and tell them that you want the gas!
Glenn W. Morris

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