2009-10-08 / Letters

Help Stop Cruelty To Animals

To The Editor:

The recent case in which a Philadelphia teenager allegedly tortured a cat by wrapping her in duct tape, putting her in a shopping bag, and leaving her in a neighbor’s yard is extremely disturbing, not only because of the terror and agony this cat endured, but also because of the utter disregard for life and indifference to suffering the perpetrator of this crime displayed (AP story).

Animal abusers are bullies and cowards who take their issues out on “easy victims” – and they rarely limit themselves to hurting only animals. Psychiatrists, criminal profilers and law enforcement officials have repeatedly documented that young people who are cruel to animals often turn that violence against humans. Cruelty to animals appears in the histories of all our nation’s serial killers and tragic school shooters. The FBI uses reports of cruelty to animals to gauge the threat potential of known criminals.

It’s vital that teens who hurt animals receive intervention – including counseling and a ban on contact with animals – to prevent their violence from continuing. Visit www.HelpingAnimals.com to learn how you can help stop cruelty to animals.
Martin Mersereau, Director
Emergency Response Team
Cruelty Investigations
People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals
501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510

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