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Rapist Gets Seven Years

Victim and community “changed forever”
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Kevin Foor Sr. Kevin Foor Sr. Kevin Foor Sr., Defiance, Pa., was ordered to begin a minimum seven-year prison term Tuesday but not until after a rape victim, her extended family and even the lead state police investigator got their opportunity to publicly share how the man’s “bad choices” have changed the small community of Wells Valley forever.

Accompanied by her husband, the female victim told Judge Douglas Herman, president judge of the Fulton/ Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, she has not received counseling or treatment as a result of the June 16, 2008, attack along Enid Road in Wells Township. She has, however, been the recipient of numerous prayers.

She stated she prayed as she was dragged into the wooded area near the intersection of Wells Valley Road by a man wearing a nylon stocking over his head and rubber gloves. Through DNA testing on broken pieces of gloves and word-ofmouth information from the community, law enforcement officials were led to Foor of 174 Fox Street, Defiance.

“I thought, I’m going to die today,” the victim recalled of the day that changed her life as well as the lives of others in her small community. The woman indicated in the few instances they venture outdoors, walkers now only head to the rural roadways in pairs. In the case of a nearby neighbor, the woman said, a Taser is always carried during outdoor walks.

“We hope justice will be served today,” she concluded. Judge Herman commended the victim for her strength throughout the court process and made special note of her courage.

The woman’s eldest son followed up on her statements and pointed out his mother has spent a lifetime being a good person, mother and neighbor as well as a God-fearing woman. “Within seconds he (Foor) took that away from her,” he said. “The maximum sentence isn’t enough for him.”

Lead investigator Trooper Richard Cutchall, formerly of the McConnellsburg state police substation, said when the call initially came in it was thought to be an assault. He added information rapidly changed the case into a combination of kidnapping and rape, an incident no one would have ever thought possible in Wells Valley.

“This lady will be changed forever,” he stated of the victim, who was surrounded by a multitude of family and friends.

Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall and defense attorney Shawn Cohen debated in court on October 6 if Foor fully comprehended or appreciated the seriousness of what he did that day. Kendall said planning had to have been done in advance by Foor as a result of the presence of rubber gloves, a nylon stocking and even a “bag of stuff,” which was observed at the scene by the victim.

The court also discussed Foor’s ongoing abuse of alcohol. Alcohol was detected on Foor by the victim, and he was also arrested within days of the attack in neighboring Bedford County for drunk-driving.

Owning up to his involvement, Foor announced he was sorry for what he had done to the victim, her family as well as for what he has put his own family through. He concluded he was trying to get his life straight.

Judge Herman announced he felt there had been some degree of acceptance of responsibility by Foor, who had cooperated with investigators when it was determined he was the focal point of their investigation. The judge did note, though, Foor had plenty of opportunity to stop before having harmed the victim. In addition, Foor’s capacity was not diminished enough by the consumption of alcohol that he could not realize or identify wrongdoing.

Foor was in turn sentenced to complete between seven and 20 years in a state correctional institution for one count of rape by forcible compulsion. Credit was granted for 14 days previously served. He was also ordered to pay $1,500 in fines and $6,888 in restitution. He is required to maintain sex-offender registration with the state police for the remainder of his life.

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