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Forbes Road Conducts Short Board Meeting

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

In spite of only convening for a brief 30 minutes Monday evening members of the Forbes Road School Board dealt with an array of topics ranging from personnel matters and questions on cleaning supplies to general information supplied by district administrators.

Under the category of finance, the board agreed to increase the capitalization threshhold from $500 to $1,500 for any equipment purchases occurring after June 30.

A transfer of funds was also authorized by the board, thereby removing all funding from an Edward Jones account and moving it into a PLGIT-2004 construction account. The transfer of funds was suggested to the board by its auditor.

On the heels of a 10-minute executive session to handle personnel matters, the board approved a list of transportation contractors, drivers and rates as presented for the 2009-10 school year.

The board added Joyce Cooley to the teacher assistant substitute list, while Kara Truax was hired as the newest elementary girls basketball coach. Truax’s salary for the 2009-10 season was accordingly set at $800.

A request from John Mixell was approved for use of the gymnasium as available on Sunday afternoons throughout the fall and winter months. Mixell’s request was followed by a request for use of the old high school gymnasium on both October 21 and November 4 for volleyball.

As a follow up to Mixell’s building-and-grounds monthly report to the board, acting Superintendent Fred Foster stated he is awaiting on clarification regarding the possible replacement of countertop along the windows in the high school cafeteria. In addition, Foster also noted an arsenic system has been installed to address water issues, and the district is currently awaiting permit approval from the state.

A trio of strategic plans were approved as presented. Topics covered through the plans include educational technology, academic standards and professional development.

Elementary Principal Bryon Helsel reported a 78 percent attendance rate at the September open house. Additional upcoming evenings at the building touched on by Helsel include Bingo for Books and achievement tests.

Meanwhile, high school Principal Christina Ramsey noted of Forbes’ student body of 225 students, only 68 kids were unable to attend the September open house.

Drug testing is also under way, according to Ramsey, who added 10 students were tested last week. Cheerleaders were added to the list of sporting teams that can be tested as they just began their season last week. Ramsey concluded the testing has been “very successful.”

In attendance representing the general public at the October 5 meeting were Linda Earley, Ruth Hale and Bob Oliver.

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