2009-10-08 / Features

Va Crabber Nets All-Baby Blue Crab

GLOUCESTER, Va. (AP) – A Virginia crabber has net an interesting catch – an all baby blue crab.

On a recent crabbing run up the James River near Craney Island, a crab plopped out of a pot that caught Sally Epps’ eye. The crab was shell-to-claw baby blue, like he'd been turned upside down and dipped in paint.

Epps has never come across an all-blue blue crab in 11 years of crabbing.

The typical Atlantic blue crab has blue claws and the female has distinctive swatches of red at the tip of the claws.

Epps handed the crab over to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. The crab soon died but was frozen for research purposes.

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