2009-10-08 / Features

Purdue Leading Study Of Cows’ Gaseous Emissions

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) – Purdue University is leading a new study that seeks to answer the smelly question of how much greenhouse gases are produced by dairy cows.

The study won’t just look at the issue of cow flatulence – it will also examine the amount of greenhouse gases that cow manure releases.

A Purdue professor is leading colleagues at Purdue and four other schools in the study.

They’ll monitor carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide at five barn sites and two manure lagoons in Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Washington and New York.

The study is part of an ongoing effort by the dairy industry to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by adopting new management practices.

Purdue is working on the project with researchers from the University of California, Davis, Cornell University, the University of Minnesota and Washington State University.

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