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Women Accused Of Fudging Time Sheets

Client’s mother also suspected in Medicaid fraud case


Three women with ties to northern Fulton County have been fingered by the state attorney general’s office with fraud for the creation and submission of false time sheets to a southcentral Pennsylvania organization, claiming they spent almost 1,200 hours caring for a family member afflicted with cerebral palsy.

Thirty-four-year-old Bobbie Jean Grubb, of Hustontown, and Fort Loudon resident Angela Marie Wines, 32, face Medicaid fraud charges following an ongoing investigation by special agents with the Medicaid fraud division of the attorney general’s office. The two women were reportedly employed as caretakers with United Cerebral Palsy of South Central, Pa., which has local offices in York, New Oxford and Chambersburg.

According to media reports and court documents, a red flag arose regarding the time sheets of Bobbie Grubb and Angela Wines when UCP supervisors noted a difference in power of attorney signatures. A more detailed search by UCP also revealed a possible 15 hours of questionable time that was logged with client Jamie Grubb.

Jamie Grubb is Angela Wines’ sister and Bobbie Grubb’s former sister-in-law. Jamie Grubb’s mother, Judy A. Lynch, of Hustontown, has also been implicated by the attorney general’s office in the Medicaid fraud case.

Authorities reported Lynch allegedly gave authorization to the two caregivers to sign her name on their timecards. In addition, she did not make any corrections to the hours of work performed by the duo in the care of Jamie Grubb even during instances where they were in her home but not providing actual in-home care.

The initial figure of 15 hours has grown through further investigation by special agent Veronica Bowers, who has determined Bobbie Grubb and Angela Wines failed to complete a total of 1,176 hours that were penned onto time sheets. The hours equate to a total of $13,218 in wages. Restitution could be required by the court system if the women are found guilty of the allegations.

Both women hold second jobs, and, Bowers stated, their time sheets show overlap of 719 hours for Bobbie Grubb and 457 for Wines. The two met to complete their timecards together.

Additional hours tallying 36 were also recorded when the duo reportedly provided care to Jamie Grubb simultaneously. Contract stipulations maintain only one caretaker can provide service at a time. Additional occasions may have existed where the client was left alone with Wines’ ex-husband or children under the age of 18.

The main focus of Medicaid Fraud investigations typically involves providers ranging from physicians, dentists and mental health clinics to drug and alcohol clinics, hospitals and health maintenance organizations. Recipient fraud is generally left to local district attorneys to prosecute.

Information released by The Evening Sun contributed to this article.

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