2009-10-01 / Features

Lack Of Food Won't Hurt W.Va. Squirrel Hunt

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) _ Hunters worried that a lack of squirrel food will make the critters scarce during this year's hunting season can relax.

Paul Johansen of the state Division of Natural Resources says squirrels will be abundant this year, although next year might be much different.

The nuts and berries that squirrels eat, known as mast, are at a 40-year low. That's led to more squirrels than usual being hit by cars as they roam far and wide in search of food.

Johansen says that won't affect this year's hunt, which begins Oct. 10. But lack of food will likely mean squirrels will be reproducing less frequently.

That could mean a squirrel scarcity for next fall's hunt.

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