2009-09-24 / Letters

Moms Know It All

To The Editor:

About 75 years ago my one brother was raking up leaves into a big pile. He went to get more leaves. I crawled under the leaves, planning to jump up through the leaves and scare him. He came, threw more leaves on the pile. I decided to jump up next time. As my brother went to get more leaves, I smelled smoke. And smoke started through the leaves over me.

I knew he had set that pile of leaves on fire. I jumped out; my brother really looked surprised. To this day I'm not sure if he knew I was under the pile. But unknown to us, Mama had stood on the porch, witnessed the whole thing.While we were fussing at each other, we didn't see Mama come down the path. She grabbed hold of one ear on each of us and marched me and my brother to the woodshed.

My mother never said one word; Mother never asked one question. She had seen it all, from start to finish.
Beulah Cole, age 92
Three Springs

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