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JLG To Build More Army M-ATVs

Oshkosh gets third order for armored trucks
By Lindsay R. Mellott STAFF WRITER

Oshkosh M-ATV Oshkosh M-ATV The U.S. Army placed another order for blast-resistant trucks (M-ATVs) last week with JLG Industries' parent company Oshkosh Corp. The Wisconsin based manufacturer said in a news release it will build an additional 352 M-ATVs for armed forces fighting in Afghanistan.

The new $189 million order brings the total number of armored trucks Oshkosh is building for the Department of Defense at its defense and JLG facilities to 4,296. The contract, which was awarded in June, has now been extended twice and has a total value of $2.3 billion.

The new order, however, will not call back any additonal laidoff JLG employees, according to JLG's Jeff Ford, senior manager, marketing and communications, although it will give employees who have been called back to build M-ATVs for Oshkosh "roughly another month's worth of work," Ford said.

The DOD's first order for MATVs, in June, is valued at $1.05 billion and calls for 2,244 to be delivered in December 2009. A second order for 1,700 M-ATVs, made in early August and worth $1.06 billion, has a February 2010 delivery date. Last week's order has a delivery deadline of March 2010.

Oshkosh M-ATV Oshkosh M-ATV Oshkosh said in July when it announced the contract award that it would call back 550 to 650 laid-off workers at JLG facilities to help build the armored trucks. Ford said those numbers have not gone "up or down" since that announcement was made.

JLG is still in the process of bringing laid-off employees back to work as it ramps up production to 1,000 M-ATVs per month by December, according to Ford. In early August, Oshkosh spokesperson Ann Stawski said it would take six to eight weeks to get called-back workers on board. Ford was not able to say on Monday, however, how many employees have been brought back so far to JLG's McConnellsburg plant.

Robert Bohn, Oshkosh Corp. chairman and CEO, said in last

week's news release that more

than 100 M-ATVs have been delivered .

to the armed forces and that Oshkosh continues to increase production to remain on schedule.

"Oshkosh is committed to meeting our cutomer's urgent need for this highly mobile vehicle and helping our armed forces serving in Afghanistan to better operate on the country's challenging terrain," said Bohn.

JLG has laid off a little more than half of its employees worldwide over the past year.

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