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Tom Corbett Announces Candidacy For Governor

Restoring faith, trust and accountability in Harrisburg, financial stability in state government and improving PA's lagging economy among highlights of campaign

PITTSBURGH - Before his family, friends and supporters, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett formally announced his candidacy for governor of Pennsylvania.

"With a strong belief that we can and must do better…with a promise to every family in Pennsylvania that we will restore trust in Harrisburg ... we will protect your hard-earned tax dollars and we will turn on the power of Pennsylvania's economy, I announce my candidacy to become the next governor of Pennsylvania," declared Corbett.

Seeking the Republican nomination for governor, Corbett highlighted his many years of service that have prepared him to help create a better Pennsylvania. A lifelong Pennsylvanian, Corbett has seen Pennsylvania through the eyes of a soldier, a teacher, a prosecutor, a small business owner and as a husband and father. These experiences have afforded Corbett to have a front row seat in seeing the many changes that have affected the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Corbett's almost 14 years in the National Guard formed his opinion of the need for a strong national defense and the importance of the National Guard during disasters. "It has shaped my understanding of the need for a strong national defense to protect our nation from our enemies and those who want to destroy our way of life," stated Corbett. "But it has also helped me to understand the critical need to move quickly, efficiently and passionately to help those affected by the damage and displacement created by natural disasters."

Corbett's time spent as a public school teacher showed him the importance of making sure every child has a good education. "We must be serious about improving the education of our children. They are tomorrow's tradesmen and teachers, scientists and factory workers," stated Corbett. "As governor I will find ways to spend smarter on education, invest better, improve results and ensure that our children are better prepared to become productive citizens. This isn't a goal, it's a responsibility."

Corbett has served as United States attorney and Pennsylvania attorney general. Both of these leadership positions have given him a rare view of Pennsylvania and a rare opportunity that will make him a much better governor. He has been on the front lines, making our state safer for everyone. From fighting to keep drugs off of our streets, to protecting senior citizens from fraud, to capturing 235 child predators before they could harm innocent children, Corbett has protected Pennsylvanians from all walks of life from every corner of the commonwealth.

"Having a family certainly afforded me the opportunity to see Pennsylvania through new eyes. And like so many other parents and grandparents across Pennsylvania, I'm often troubled by what I see," stated Corbett. "The American Dream is a promise, handed down from generation to generation that our children will enjoy more possibilities and opportunities than we and those who came before us. Today, in Pennsylvania many believe that the American dream is a broken promise. And as governor, I'm going to change that."

These many diverse experiences have prepared Corbett to take on the tough challenges that face Pennsylvania. He shared some of the steps that must be taken in order to turn on the power of Pennsylvania. "First, and foremost we must restore faith, trust and accountability in Harrisburg," declared Corbett. "One of the ways to send a clear message to taxpayers is to finally do something about the hundreds of millions spent with little or no oversight."

Corbett feels it is imperative to re-start Pennsylvania's economy. With an abundance of natural resources from coal to oil to natural gas, he believes Pennsylvania, "We must move swiftly to ensure that Pennsylvania can compete in today's global economy, and there is probably no greater opportunity than in the field of energy," stated Corbett. "The continued advancement of clean coal technologies and the production of natural gas from the Marcellus shale formation offer great potential for our economic future as well as advancing our state toward energy independence."

Corbett realizes that the strength of the future of the commonwealth rests on the financial stability of Pennsylvania. He stated that Pennsylvania government "must learn to live with less" and to "live within our means." Corbett suggested cost-cutting measures such as reducing the state fleet of automobiles, which stands at close to 17,000 vehicles and initiating a two-year budget process, which would save money and allow schools, nonprofits, counties and state agencies to better manage their resources knowing that their budgets are set for two years.

Corbett concluded his remarks by making a promise to everyone in attendance and to every Pennsylvanian. "Standing before you tonight, the promise I make to every Pennsylvanian is that every day as your governor I will embrace the words that are etched in stone at the state Capitol building: 'Dare to do right, trust the consequences to Almighty God.'"

Tom Corbett was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He married his college sweetheart, Sue Manbeck Corbett. They are the proud parents of two grown children, Tom and Katherine. He has served as Pennsylvania attorney general since 2005. For a full biography, please visit www.tomcorbettforgovernor.com

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