2009-09-17 / Letters

Those Who Need Police Assistance Should Pay For It

To The Editor:

PA House Bill 1500 will affect 1,200 communities that must pay the state. If enacted, each affected community will have to pay $52 the first year, $104 the second and $156 the third per person each year for protection and call out for the state police to respond to accidents along with shoplifting and so on!

An opt-out per incident should be charged as on a percall basis, and who and or where the time and material are needed is where the bill should go!

Such as: supermarket caught a shoplifter with a bag of $3 chips, the bill should go to the store manager and not to the taxpayers! Also motor vehicle accidents, breakdowns, homeowner disputes should go directly to the party or persons involved and then handed over to the insurers!

Fire and rescue, PennDOT should all be paid for time and material by whoever requests them except if caused by other means!

If Mr. and Mrs. Jones call about the party going on and loud music and want it stopped,well then they should be prepared to pay the piper, not the general township taxpayer!

Glenn Morris McConnellsburg

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