2009-09-17 / Letters

CROP Walk Support Encouraged

To The Editor:

More than 923 million people around the world will go to bed hungry tonight.

It's estimated that rising food prices will cause an additional 100 million people to fall into even deeper poverty.

Just this century, more than 25 million people have been forced from their homelands due to wars and conflicts, climate changes, and shrinking water sources.

We can all work together to address the issues of poverty facing our neighbors locally, nationally and globally by participating in this year's Fulton County CROP Hunger Walk.

Last year, Church World Service used $17 million raised from CROP Hunger Walks to provide emergency food aid and longterm development assistance in more than 80 countries.

To help fight hunger locally, Church World Service donates 25 percent of the money raised through the Fulton County CROP Hunger Walk to the Fulton County Food Basket.

This year, the Fulton County CROP Hunger Walk will be held at Cowans Gap State Park on Sunday, October 4, at 2 p.m. Every one of us can contribute in some way: You can take part by asking your friends and family to sponsor you and walk in the CROP Walk, or you can become a sponsor of someone who is walking in the CROP Walk. If you can help, please call 717-830-2646 for more information.

Patty Hall Fulton County CROP Hunger Walk Coordinator

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