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Responds To SF Student's Defense Of Reward Trips

To The Editor:

I'm writing in response to a letter to the editor (September 10 issue) written by the Southern Fulton vice president of the class of 2010.

There is a problem with reward trips for students who pass their PSSA tests when our school tax money is being used on a select few and not the whole class. The Southern Fulton School District is leaving kids behind when they take these socalled reward trips and forget about the ones left behind.

This young man needs to get his facts straight. All students are not the same. Some can be on the honor roll each semester but may not fare as well during standardized testing. Some may not be academically advanced as others or some may be suffering from learning disabilities. These students still have to take the PSSA test. Only a severely disabled student can take the easy test.

There is no PSSA math and reading club at Southern Fulton High School. If a student doesn't pass their PSSA test, they aren't allowed to take a club, they have to take math and reading as a class while the other students have club periods.

I was not raised on a reward system and neither were any of my children. A parent should love their children no matter what.

When a person applies for a job, they are not rewarded by being hired. You either get hired or you don't. Any college will accept a student as long as they have passing grades and the money to pay for it. And, yes, I believe the scholarships at school should not be given to kids whose parents can afford to send them. I think the underdog needs this money more.

This boy said if you question the reward system, you must be questioning life. Until this boy is out on his own, working for a living and paying school taxes and so forth, he doesn't really know

anything about life.

If there are any other parents outraged about these reward trips, then I suggest you go to the next school board meeting and let your voice be heard. Better yet, file a formal complaint with the U.S. Dept. of Education and the PA Human Relations Commission. A few more complaints could put an end to these reward trips that our tax money is paying for.

Michelle Foor Southern Fulton School

District resident


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