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Central Fulton Pleads For State Budget Adoption

Resolution passed, to be sent to Pennsylvania General Assembly
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Central Fulton School Board put forth a formal request to the state's General Assembly last Tuesday evening to take action and end the budget debacle that began July 1 and has put many organizations, counties and schools in a financial quandary.

In a resolution unanimously adopted September 8, Central Fulton not only asked the budget debate to be put to a final rest but to do the following:

• increase basic education funding by at least $300 million so school districts can meet funding targets

• keep the commonwealth on track for real education reform by maintaining the commitment to the basic education funding formula and

• maintain the state's investment in public education by not rolling back state funds in the basic education subsidy.

The resolution goes on to state Central Fulton has remained proactive in paring down its budget and, unlike the state, met the mandate set forth that requires its budget be approved in a timely fashion. The school's budget met final adoption on June 9 and included a reduction in expenses in the amount of $75,000. The decrease was a direct result of cuts in supplies, salaries and maintenance expenses.

"Emerging from the national recession requires that Pennsylvania make smart choices today that improve the ability of our students to compete in the high-skills global economy and avoid local property-tax hikes that will hurt families and senior citizens, who are experiencing touch economic times," the resolution says. " ... Rolling back state funding for basic education will create a fiscal crisis for school districts and that impact will be felt in the years to come by students and property taxpayers."

"Rolling back state funding for basic education and using stimulus dollars to level fund basic education would mean that Pennsylvania abandons its first basic education funding formula in almost two decades and essentially abandons the principles of adequacy and equity," it concludes.

A copy of the formally adopted resolution is slated to be passed along to locally elected state officials, including Rep. Dick Hess and Sen. John Eichelberger Jr., as well as Gov. Ed Rendell.


FFA advisor Ann Meyer and several members of the club addressed the board regarding their attendance at the National Convention to be held in Indianapolis, Ind. A total of six students received authorization to attend the event between October 20 and 24, which will include community service, a career show and tours of businesses and farms. The FFA will be conducting at least three sizeable fundraisers to cover expenses related to the trip.

Meyer was also given permission to take approximately 50 ag students to Stoner's Farm the final week of September or the first week of October. The trip will be taken at no cost to the district.

Teacher Dave Garland and 24 of his physical education students will be visiting Great Cove Golf Course on September 23. The lone cost to the district will be for a substitute teacher.

A total of 48 seventh- and eighth-grade students will be travelling to Gettysburg Battlefield with teacher Kathy Kendall on October 3. The trip is at no cost to the district.

Jan Hoover and 15 college English students will be visiting Allegheny College on September 18 at no cost to the district.

Coach Toby McGarvey will be taking his girls varsity soccer squad to the Flight 93 Memorial on October 8. The trip is at no expense to the district.

The board and administration viewed a seven-minute video detailing a recent visit to the Rotunda in Harrisburg where Gov. Rendell and comedian Bill Cosby applauded the efforts of the top 50 school districts in the commonwealth for their outstanding achievement in reading and math. Central Fulton is ranked 15th overall out of a total of 500 public schools.

The district's professional education and technology plans were approved for submission to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Both plans must be submitted prior to September 30.

Solicitor Jim Schall will be attending the school law workshop held in Hershey in October 14.


In accordance with action taken by the Joint Operating Committee on June 18, the school board opted to change the prorating of the Fulton County Area Vocational-Technical School's operating expenses to a three-year average.

A resolution was approved appointing delegates to Tax Collection Committee. Jolinda Wilson, business manager, will serve as the primary voting delegate and Donna Johnston will be first alternate voting delegate. Johnston is the district's business office secretary. The delegate appointment is required in accordance with Act 32.

The following individuals were approved for placement on the 2009-10 extracurricular activity salary scale for their duties with the high school musical:

• Stephen Walker, set design/ construction, $2,220

• Melissa Horton, assistant costume designer, $860

• Carolyn Kerlin, assistant accompanist, $1,920

• Nancy Shearer, assistant, $3,020

• Noreen Mann, accompanist, $3,020

• Hope Moore, volunteer

• Cecilia Parker, director, $3,720

• Erica Sexton, assistant costume designer, $860

• Joseph Roberts, volunteer junior high soccer coach and

• Heidi Calhoun, volunteer assistant cheerleading coach.

In following the recommendation proposed by the budget and finance committee the district will be sharing the services of its food service director with a neighboring district, at a credit from Metz and Associates LTD of $271 daily. Furthermore, the district will in turn pay a selected cafeteria employee an additional 50 cents per hour to serve in the capacity of district head cook. The name of the neighboring school district was not revealed as its board has not made a final determination as to its participating in this agreement.


Susie Sipes, cafeteria employee, was granted a request through the Family Medical Leave Act. Sipes' request and necessary documents are on file in the district office, as is paperwork submitted by instructional aide Elaine Buterbaugh, who took a leave of absence through August 29. A resignation was then accepted from Buterbaugh effective August 31.

Several individuals added to the professional substitute list after having completed emergency certification training through Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 were Christy Boehme, Deborah Cooper, James Hemcher, John Henry, Elizabeth Hill- Merica, Jared Iampietro, Loy Garber, Cheryl Stern and Frank Stern. The motion was approved pending the receipt of clearances from Hemcher, Hill-Merica and Iampietro.

Bonnie Shoemaker of Needmore will be added to the secretary, aide and cafeteria substitute lists pending receipt of required clearances. In addition, pending the receipt of clearances, Diane Cutchall, Mc- Connellsburg, will be placed on the cafeteria substitute list.

Mona Buchanan from Greencastle was added to the professional substitute list, and Melanie Keener, Needmore, is slated to be added to the cafeteria substitute list pending receipt of clearances.


As per the recommendation of the Athletic/Activities Committee, approval was given for the coaches handbook.


The 2009-10 list of daily rates, drivers and substitutes was accepted as presented.

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