2009-09-17 / Entertainment

MHS Seniors To Present Two One-Act Plays September 18, 19

When a play is so funny that the actors and the directors can't keep straight faces through rehearsals, you have one very funny evening of entertainment. Such is the case with the two one-act plays to be presented Friday, September 18, and Saturday, September 19 in the McConnellsburg High School Auditorium starting at 7:30 p.m.

First up is "The Audition," by Matt Thompson. The local theater is casting a new play. With stopwatch in hand, the exceptionally organized and time-conscious stage manager (A'leese Dickerson) meticulously micromanages every minute of the audition process. After a bit of confusion, the first actor, Kelly, (Jordan Bolinger) barely manages to speak three words of his monologue before the stage manager cuts him off with a curt "Thank you, next!" Jules, a bubbly musical theater actress (Rachel Porterfield), enters and "sings" a unique a cappella version of a popular song. Next! Without a word, The-Artist-Formerly- Known-as-Question-Mark (Zack DeShong) enters in whiteface. This mime's audition piece consists of several forays into the land of mime with never a spoken word. Next! Sporting all black, with an English accent and a mighty ego in tow, M.R. Irving (Darren Hoffman) takes the stage. After some ridiculous warm-ups and an over-dramatic monologue, we learn that his first name is Macbeth. Upon hearing the name of the Scottish play, chaos ensues and all of the actors immediately return to the stage for callbacks and the presentation of scripts by the stage hand, Robin (Ryan Strait). Jules maintains her bubbly exterior through her reading of the tragic heroine, Medea. M.R. Irving begins to read the part of Jason from that famous Greek tragedy but finds the dialogue a bit trite and decides instead to recite Bottom's dialogue from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." After a rather dramatic twist at the end, a fifth actor (Brian Vitko) appears for his audition. The audition is theatrical mayhem with a twist that will have audiences enjoying lots of laughs!

Following a brief interval, the actors will return to present a slightly longer, but no less hilarious play called "Take Five" written by Westley M. Pederson.

Imagine you are an acting troupe (Darren Hoffman, Rachel Porterfield, A'leese Dickerson) on opening night trying to perform on a set that isn't completed. Then one actor doesn't show up, a Wall Street-type from the audience (Colby Sowers) uses the stage phone to argue with his wife, the props either don't work or are missing, the lighting and sound cues are off and two incompetent stagehands (Jordan Bolinger and Ryan Strait) become involved in the show in a way neither thought possible. All of this sounds tame enough, but it is nothing short of hilarious.

Completing the student production are Brian Vitko and Bryce Wilford for tech and Nick McClure acting as stage manager.

Please plan to join in for a wonderful evening of entertainment! Tickets are $4 for adults and $3 for students. Doors will open at 6:30.

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