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In Memory


In loving memory of Marlin "Deke" McQuade, who passed away one year ago September 9, 2008: How well we do remember The special times we had The times and seasons of our life With a very special husband,

dad, grandfather How well we do remember The day God called you home You slipped into His loving arms And we felt so alone Now our hearts will carry memories Of the love you gave to us A golden heart stopped beating Hardworking hands to rest God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best.

We love and miss you dearly
Wife Sis,
Son Denny and Kim
Daughter Tina and Carl
and grandchildren and


Frederick A. Truax

9/10/1917 - 11/11/1994.


In memory of Peggy Daniels, who died September 12, 2007:

As We Look Back As we look back over time We find ourselves wondering Did we remember to thank you

Frederick A. Truax 9/10/1917 -  11/11/1994. Frederick A. Truax 9/10/1917 - 11/11/1994. enough For all you have done for us? For all the times you were by

our sides To help and support us To celebrate our successes To understand our problems And accept our defeats? Or for teaching us by your

example, The value of hard work, good

judgement, Courage and integrity? We wonder if we ever thanked you For the sacrifices you made. To let us have the very best? And for the simple things Like laughter, smiles And times we shared? If we have forgotten to show

our gratitude Enough for all the things you did We're thanking you now And we are hoping you knew all

along, How much you meant to us.
Our eternal love,
Husband Blair,
children: Gary, Perry, Jeanne,
Kenny and families


In memory of Vance Martin
Kylor, who passed away September
8, 1991:
It has been 18 years
Our thoughts are with you
And those who loved you
Are thinking of you today
And every day
Though you have passed away
Your presence we miss
Your memory we treasure
Your smile, your voice
We just miss everything about you
You had a heart so wonderfully kind
We remember you in silence
In our hearts you are always there
We who love you
Will never forget you
You may be gone
But not forgotten.
Mom, Ernie, Chance,
Dee, Tonia and Matt

In loving memory of Jim Miller, on Grandparents' Day, and who passed away May 1, 2009:

Why Pappy Why Pappy why did you have to die? We know you didn't want to

and gave your champ's try; Didn't they know you had

grandchildren, Cherishing your embrace with

arms wide open? You promised to be around as

long as we needed you. You were our dearest friend

with love so true. We laughed, cried, joked, and

had fun trying to sing, Played golf, baseball, football, Fished, hunted and did many

things. We are helping Grandma with

all of your chores, The way we shared with you

countless times before. We try to be good and do what

is right. Why did God take you so far

from our sight? You were a great man and He

wanted the best, We miss Pappy, but God knew

you deserved the rest. On days we feel sad and don't

understand, Your angelic presence on our

shoulders does land. Someday when we get to

Heaven to be with you, We'll still be your Lil' Buddies

and stick like glue.
Sadly missed
by grandchildren:
Garrett, Kaylyn, Levi, Jimmy,
Brenna, Brayden, Elycia,
Madyson, Joey, Eryn

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