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2009 Walk Across Md. Set For Sept. 19

Donald Corbett named first grand marshal


The 2009 Walk Across Maryland will be held on Saturday, September 19, at 9 a.m., in Hancock, Md. This year's event will coincide with the Hancock Lions Club Annual Canal Apple Festival and parade, which will be later that same morning, at 11 a.m.

The Walk Across Maryland is organized by Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine. Dr. Marilyn Nelson states, "It's important that people take care of their bodies, in addition to getting good medical care. The Walk Across Maryland is a fun way to remind area residents to take an active role in their health and wellness, and to highlight the fact that we have a wonderful Rail-Trail and the C & O Canal Towpath where people can walk, jog and bike."

According to Hahn and Nelson, all are welcome to participate in the Walk Across Maryland, which is free of charge. Participants are challenged to walk across the entire state of Maryland, along the length of Pennsylvania Avenue, from the MD-PA border to the C & O Canal. Local police will escort the walkers.

"Walking is a simple, inexpensive form of exercise that most people can take part in. It's an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. People are always tickled to be able to walk the entire state of Maryland so quickly and easily," added Dr. Matthew Hahn.

Hancock resident Donald Corbett has been named the first Walk Across Maryland grand marshal. Corbett began walking regularly when he took part in the first area Health Olympics program in 2003. He has not missed a day of walking since then. He walks an average of three miles per day. "We want to honor Don's accomplishment. He's a great example for the rest of us," stated Dr. Hahn.

Walk Across Maryland Tshirts will be provided for participants by Washington County Hospital. Local businesses along Pennsylvania Avenue are encouraged both to take part in the walk, and to come out and support the walkers.

For more information, call Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine at 301-678-7007 or e-mail mhahn@oxbow.us. Announcing the 2009 Health Olympics

Sign-ups for the Health Olympics will also begin on September 19. The Health Olympics is the Tri-State area's popular annual community health program and will take place this year from October through November. Sign-ups for the Health Olympics will continue through Friday, October 9. Participants can register at Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine in Hancock, and also in Berkeley Springs, at three locations: Rankin Fitness Center, Morgan County Health Department, and War Memorial Hospital.

Sign-ups for the 2009 Health Olympics will begin at the Saturday, September 19, Walk Across Maryland, in Hancock. A Health Olympics sign-up table will be located outside the offices of Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine.

Washington County Hospital is sponsoring both the 2009 Walk Across Maryland and the Health Olympics, providing T-shirts to participants of both events.

"The Walk Across Maryland and the Health Olympics have become a great healthy habit for many people in the area. We just hope to give people a little jumpstart to their fitness and healthy eating habits every year. It seems to be working. Last year was more popular than ever," stated Hahn, an event organizer.

Participants in the Health Olympics choose a weight loss goal up to 10 pounds and then are given a schedule that asks them to try and exercise at least 30 minutes per day, and to cut 200 calories from their regular daily eating. Participants weigh in at registration, and complete the program by weighing out at the end. Progress is tracked with a daily Health Olympics calendar. There is no cost to participate.

Annual Health Olympics participant and one of the event's organizers, Kate Evans, stated, "I just think it's a great program, and I just want to see as many area people take part as possible. Let's all work on getting healthier together."

The theme of the 2009 Health Olympics is "Losers can be Winners." Any 2009 Health Olympics participant who completes the program and loses any weight at all will be eligible for a prize drawing.

For more information regarding the Health Olympics or the 2009 Walk Across Maryland, call Hahn at 301-678-7007 or e-mail mhahn@oxbow.us.

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